What a crazy week!!!

photoI’m heading back to Edinburgh!! haha I got moves call last night and after spending a week in Dublin, i’m going back to serve in a place called Morningside. I’m literally in downtown Edinburgh, so that is going to be a lot of fun! I’ve also been asked to be the District Leader there, which will be an interesting new learning experience for me 🙂
Dublin this week has been great. I loved it here! We met SOO many people and I learned a lot serving with Elder McCarthy and Elder Reece. There are lots of Brazilians, Venezuelans, and Mexicans here so I’m really wishing I could remember even a small bit of my spanish I learned. but i can’t! haha oh well.
Church was great as well! There were a few American families there which is always fun to see, but I love all the people here. Such a culturally diverse ward!!
We met a man named Vinisius from Brazil. We began teaching him. He does not speak a word of english. “My English is very limitary.” is what he said. haha he’s awesome though! During the opening prayer of our lesson, he said he felt a “good energy”. we pointed out that that was the Spirit telling him when something is true and that he should follow it, and he is praying about being baptized.
The sisters in Dublin were outside church on Tuesday evening and walked past a man outside named Gustavo. They invited him in to church, and it turns out that he felt he should go in the church, but didn’t know how to. he went in, has now been to YSA twice, and we are teaching him later today!
On Tuesday we got a call from our Zone Leaders asking if we would be willing to attend a public event that was on thursday. It turns out there was a memorial being held for the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, and our Stake Patriarch was speaking there on peace and hope. He literally gave a talk on the book of mormon and closed in the name of Jesus Christ. hahaha it was so awesome!! not much came of it, but they were really impressed that we came to the event, and i’m sure it got some people thinking. at the end of the talk they all shouted “Amen!” 🙂
Well that’s all, I’ve got another day of travel this week so it should be fun 🙂
I love you all!
Elder Skylar Starr

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