Last Ever Moves Call!!!! :0


Standing stone on the way out to Campbeltown

I only have about 30 mins. to email today, so for all of you that sent me personal emails, I promise I’ll repspond next week! 😀

Drumroll…….I’m staying in Oban!!! I’ll be getting Elder Longman! I’ve met him a couple times and I just know we’re going to have a ton of fun together. It was so weird getting my last moves call last night!

I was actually sick all Sunday (my first time my whole mission I’ve had to stay in cause I was sick!) from some bad fish & chips, and so laying on our couch for the whole day just waiting for the impending call to come was quite annoying. But hey, we made it! Elder Reece is off to serve in Mullingar, Ireland. He’s quite excited to go back to Ireland, and I’m quite excited to finish out my mission here in Oban!

We have quite a lot going on this coming transfer, and I’m sure it is just going to zoom by, but I will make the most of it! Still going strong 😀

Well, I gotta make things short. This week we went to Campbeltown (2 1/2 hour drive to contact some less-active members) with Elder & Sister Miles, and we’ve done quite a bit of finding. But it’s been good finding! We’ve ran into a few VERY prepared people and have some appointments this week that I’m very much looking forward to! 

Have a great week everyone!!


Elder Starr


Students from BYU that we met in Oban!

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