Happy Easter!!!


I am loving Edinburgh already!!
We had a crazy moves week, I ended up finding out Monday evening that I had to leave at 6am Tuesday morning to get to Edinburgh because there was a mistake with the ferries. So yeah I packed up and left Dublin!!

I was sad to leave Dublin, things were going SO great there, we found so many promising people. All Brazilian and Venezuelan! I was hoping to get to learn a bit of spanish/portugese if I stayed in the area.

Soooo Tuesday I had 3 hours on a ferry and 6 hours on a bus, but I made it to Edinburgh! This city is awesome. I love the fact that I am serving in pretty much downtown Edinburgh. It is so cool to just see the city everyday, the place that I have always wanted to come to!

On Wednesday we had a whole p-day in Edinburgh and played some Dodgeball and stuff, met my new companion, and ate out at this nice buffet called Cosmos! Elder Utley is my new companion, he’s a lot of fun. Very chill and stuff, easy to get a long with. The area we are in is a nice area, we are 3 floors up and have an alright view! The flat is nice, but I’m always cold in the morning so I sit in front of the heater. haha! We are also like a 15 min. walk from the mission home, which I love!

The weather here has been AMAZING!!! I never knew Scotland could even have weatehr like this, and I think it’s shocked everyone else here as well. I was walking around in a white shirt for the first time since september! But today it’s all gray and cloudy and cold again 😛

On Thursday I had a full day of New Leader Training where I got training from Pres. & Sis. Brown and the Assistants on being in leadership. It went well, I feel like I’m going to learn a lot from this!

Friday and Saturday we spent a lot of our time helping a senior couple and the Falkirk Elders (my old companions!) move flats, so I got to drive around Edinburgh and out to Falkirk in this big van full of furniture. I think I’m getting a bit more comfortable driving here!  It will be hard to get used to being on jthe other side of the road when I get home 🙂
By the way, before I forget, I won’t be emailing until Tuesday next week. Sorry, no “missionary monday” next week for those of you that call it that! 🙂 We have our Zone development on Monday next week, which I’m sure will give me a lot to talk about 🙂

So basically this week has been SUPER busy, not much work missionary-wise has happened, but I do have one cool story!

There was a family that came to Edinburgh to tour from South Jordan, Utah, and they were receiving a tour of the mission home when we were in there. I spoke to them, and they ahd talked about how they were trying to find some people out here for us to teach. Which is amazing to see people doing missionary work, even when on holiday with people they don’t know! But then, the next day we got a referral from Mormon.org for a man named Navinder. We called him, and he said he met this family from Utah at the restaraunt he was working at, and they told him to check out Mormon.org. I’m pretty sure it was that same family that was on holiday here in Edinburgh, and we are meeting with him on Tuesday!! I just find that amazing. It just goes to show that no matter who you are, or where you are, you can ALWAYS be looking out for opportunities to share the gospel with random people! 🙂

That’s all I have for this week! Keep up the good work everyone! Love you all!

-Elder Skylar Starr









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