I’m in Dublin!!!

Surprise!! haha crazy news. I got E-Moved to Dublin to help out another companionship for a week 🙂 I was only in Falkirk for almost 5 weeks!!
Back in Falkirk this week we saw a miracle happen. Elder Fisher was praying for where we should go tracting the next day, and the word “Chestnut” popped into his head. So he checked the map for the small town we were going to the next day, and there was a street called Chestnut Grove! We did about 20 doors or so, and this lady named Jessica answered the door. She is from Botswana but seems Scottish, and she is super prepared!! Willing to drive 30 mins to meet with us, the owner and founder of the company she works for is a member in Arizona, and she looks up to him a lot, and there are just so many other things that happened, it was a great faith builder for us. We know the Lord was involved in helping us find her!
So…..I’m in Dublin. I got this phone call from President on Friday evening asking if I’d be willing to move, so I packed saturday morning, watched conference in Alloa, and then left for Edinburgh. I spent all of Sunday companion-less watching conference, but I was around a ton of other missionaries and it was way fun to spend two nights in the mission home!! Then this morning, I woke up at 5:30, left for the airport, and they flew me to Dublin. I’m serving with Elder McCarthy and his trainee Elder Reece. I’m in the Finglas ward, in Baldoyle area. It’s different being back in Ireland, but it’ll be great! I’m excited! 🙂 I still have a ton to learn about the area, and I may only be here for 10 days! Moves call is this Sunday, so I’ll let ya’ll know next week. In the mean time, you can send letters and packages to the mission home 🙂
CONFERENCE!!! was just amazing. It’s always something I look forward to. I learned a lot about pressing forward through trials, I really hoped it helped a lot of people. Some of my favorite talks were Elder Holland, Elder Andersen, and Elder Oaks and President Uchtdorf from Priesthood. I would recommend both those talks from Priesthood session to EVERYONE! I’ve still gotta watch the last session of conference though 🙂
I’m looking forward to this coming week!
Love you all!
-Elder Skylar Starr

P.S. Is everyone reading their Preach My Gospel?? (Elder Ballard’s talk)

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