Hello family!

First Letter

First Letter

Hello family!
Right now I’m sitting at a pizza place waiting to board my flight to Manchester. I took lots of pictures from the plane cause I will miss the mountains! At the gate I am sitting with about 20 Elders and 4 Sisters, and most are going to Scotland/Ireland! So the boy from that was from Greenfield Stake sat in front of me on the flight. He sat next to this old lady and in the first 30 minutes of the flight he gave her a Book of Mormon! They talked the whole flight too. I sat next to a Presbyterian lady who didn’t talk much, but she did ask what the difference between the LDS and Christians are. So I explained to her how we are Christian and that’s about it. I’m excited for my Manchester flight, but I am worried about getting sleep. I’ll be landing around 2am Arizona time! The pizza I’m eating is sooo good! It’s so weird to be in Chicago, flying over it I realized how much green there was here. Oh and all of these Elders have backpacks! But oh well, I think I’ll like my bag. Aww man… they didn’t name the royal baby Skylar! Oh well. Well you guys can write me a letter or just email me, I’ll write on Monday!

Elder Starr

P.S. final count: 25 Elders, 4 Sisters

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