Hello All!!

Hello All!!
I’m almost done with my first week at the England MTC!! I have grown and learned sooo much already. I’m a way better teacher now than I was a week ago. Our MTC Presidency is President Edwards (used to be a member of the 2nd quorum of the seventy, President Durken (looks and acts exactly like a british version of Brother Goodman from seminary!!!), and President Hughes. I’m in the Hinckley Zone, Lehi District. My Companion is Elder Stoker from Utah, he’s also the District Leader, so I guess that makes me Assistant District leader? 😀 I have to follow him to meetings and everything. In my district We have Elders Paton (Australia) and Pallin (Canada), Elders Spackman and Walker (both Idaho), Elders Leal (Idaho) and Henrie (Canada), Sisters Sopi (Paris) and Vige (Norway, going to Denmark, your mission Dad!), and Elders Pogue (Saudi Arabia, from Louisina) and Patterson (Idaho). We have 2 awesome teachers, Sister Binnie who is from Scotland, and Brother Day, who served in Scotland. They are such good teachers!!! Sister Binnie looks like Shannon Kendall’s twin, and Brother Day looks and acts just like Mr. Bean/Johnny English. He’s hilarious! About half of us in our district our serving in Scotland/Ireland so It’s pretty cool. We have 92 total missionaries here in the MTC, maybe 30 are going to Scotland/Ireland, 30 in Birmingham England, and 30 going to Alpine, Germany (just south of Heidelberg).

So who gave the talk in Priesthood session a few years ago about how he got the experience to go with Elder Eyering to see how missionaries are called? President Edwards had he EXACT same experience, so I’m wondering if it was him! He said that President Eyering calls them by where he sees them going home from!

Oh so before I forget, I ahve a funny story. When we were waiting in the Chicago Airport, we were discussing if it was Books of Mormon, or Book of Mormons, and Elder Pallin yelled, out loud, “Why don’t we just call them BoM’s??” Which of course, sounded like he said Bomb, in an airport, out loud. Nothing happened, but we all got worried that security would come take him for a second. We areen’t letting him live it down!

So I believe the time difference from Arizona right now is 8 hours. England is broken (the words of brother day) because it gets dark around 9:45pm, and gets light around 4:30am. We’re actually on the same latitude as a part of Alaska, but it’s warm here because of the Gulf Stream in the ocean. Sadly the temple is closed for construction, but we did get to do something really cool. We got to participate in the first ever LDS Pageant outside of the US, sponsored by the First Presidency. Right across the street from the MTC the church is putting on a Church History pageant talking about the histroy of the church in the UK. We watched the dress reahersal last night and the church actually has a really cool history here!! I don’t have time to type it out, but look it up if you can! It was foretold of by John Wyclyfe in the 1400s and William Ashton in the 1700s! So for the rest of our stay here we get to go in at the end of the pageant and sing Called to Serve and Redeemer of Israel with ALL of the missionaries from the MTC, on the stage. It’s an awesome experience! And we do that every night until we leave.

Sunday was long, we’ve all had trouble staying awake in classes and stuff, but we heard a talk in Belgian and French which was pretty cool, but I didn’t understand it.

Something we’ve been doing is teaching “investigators” who are really actors, but they are SOOO god at playing their role. we have Derek, who is a 22 year old kid who had no beliefs but he plays xbox all the time, cathering is a catholic who’s daughter attends mutual so she wanted to see what the church was about. I invied her to be baptized in the first lesson and she accepted! Then we have James who knows EVERYTHING abo he bible, but my comp also commited him to baptism 🙂 we teach allana tomorrow, who hasn’t been active for 2 years. We’ll see how that goes!

Guess wh is coming next week???? Elder Holland!!!! 6 hours after I leave. I am so mad. we leave for our mission, and then he’ll be at this MTC that night for a devotional. Oh well!

So I ran out of time to reply to everyon’s email, but I hope everyone is able to get this, feel free to write personal emails to me if you’d like!

Sorry I don’t have time for pictures, but I don’t really have more from last week. We’ve stayed in the same place so you aren’t missing much! I leave for the field next wednesday aug 6, so I don’t know when my next pday will be to email you guys. I love you all!

Where ‘er thou art, act well thy part! Look it up 🙂


-Elder Skylar McCray Starr

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  1. Wow – it sounds like you are doing so much and learning so much. Can’t wait to hear you from Scotland next week. Luv ya

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