Me with the map!

Me with the map!

I just arrived at the MTC in Preston! We are actually the biggest group to ever arive at the MTC here, with 92 people arriving at the same time! I don’t know who my companion is yet, they just told me to email you guys to say that I’m here. I’m here!! I’ve had an interview with the MTC President, and  just got my name tags and so I’m all set up as a missionary now. The flight over night was pretty uncomfortable, but the view was pretty cool. Oh and remember how you guys were worried about me peeing too much on the plane? Well I only had to go once on the flight to chicago, and I didn’t sit next to anyone on the flight to England! I’m already being blessd 😀 It’s about 1pm here, 8am in Arizona I think. So I sent you guys a letter from the airport yesterday telling you about everything so far so I don’t really have much left to say. It’s too cold here, and everyone drives the wrong way. Dad remember that top gear episode with the car with the 3 wheels? I just saw one of those! Oh and the temple here is closed so I won’t get to go 😦 Oh and P-days are wednesday (in the MTC, not sure about the mission) so you will hear from me again next wednesday! How is everyone doing? Update me on life there! time to go!

All the new missionaries at the airport

All the new missionaries at the airport

Preston MTC

Preston MTC


Elder Skylar Starr

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