‘Till the Work is done!

Me over Oban

Me over Oban

Again, I’m short on time. I always seem to do this to myself! so, sorry about the short email 🙂
This week was great. There’s just a general good feeling here in Oban. If I think about it, we NEVER see any other missionaries, (it’s been at least a month since we were outside of Oban), we aren’t teaching too many people, and the only real support we feel is the Miles and a couple members. So, I was pondering about this and wondering why I feel so happy!
I’ve noticed that we are starting to get much better known in the town, and we’re making a lot of friends! It’s great to feel welcome and the people here are very nice. And fun! And, it’s the Gospel that sustains me.
I gave a talk yesterday in church (by the way, we had 4 missionaries, 4 visitors, and 2 members of the Oban branch yesterday….) that was based off of Elder Bednar’s most recent conference talk, “Therefore They Hushed their Fears.” The question was basically how can we be expected to “Fear Not” with all of the chaos going on in the world? Well, the answer, for me, came in the second part of Mark 5:36 where the Savior counsels: “Be not afraid, only believe.” I’ll let you consider what the command “Only believe” means for you, but I thought I’d share that little insight with you. Plus, I’m out of time. haha!
We taught two new investigators this week, Anna and Jane. Everything is great!
I love you all!!
Elder Skylar Starr

I dunno what I was doing here!

I dunno what I was doing here!

Our friends in town!

Our friends in town!


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