Another week in Oban… not a cloud in sight:)


Sunset over Loch Linnhe/Etive!

The title of this email is a line from a song a missionary wrote, and it actually doesn’t reflect the weather here at all because it’s been pretty cloudy and wet! But I love it here 🙂

Anyways, I’m emailing on Wednesday because our library has been closed the past two days. we’ve had an adventurous past week and a half!

Last Monday, we were able to teach a new investigator named Daniel. He’s friends with some members here, and is actually Buddhist, but has taken some interest in the message that we have. It’s great teaching him, because he listens very intently and asks great questions. He’s a very intellectual guy and I like teaching people like him 🙂

The Next day we had District Meeting, and after that we ran into our friends in North Connel! (this is a shout-out to them by the way, I found out they read my blog. Hi guys!!) We talked with them for a bit and he showed us around his unique plant garden. I got to try rhubarb for the first time, and pickled Ulluco. haha it was interesting! They’re great though, it’s nice to have friends in the area you serve in.

So the rest of that week consisted of a lot of finding and cancelled appoints. We’ve knocked quite a lot of doors in this area! But we are meeting some wonderful people out here and I really have no reason to complain.

On Sunday, we travelled up to Fort William with Elder and Sister Miles. Fort William is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Oban, and it’s so far that all the members up there have stopped coming. We went up there to try and see if any of the Less-Active members would like us to come up on a monthly basis to hold a sacrament meeting for them. And, we were able to contact all but one of them (which is incredibly lucky) and there was pretty much no interest. Which was really sad and disappointing, but it reinforces the thoughts that we have been having that we really just need a fresh start here and need to find new people.

These past two days have been great as well. I spent Monday evening on an exchange with Elder Nate Taylor from Utah, in Oban. We had some fun, saw lots of sheep. And Last night we were knocking doors in the rain and we met a cool lady named Wendy, who invited us in.

So, with less than 10 weeks left in a mission you really can’t avoid looking back on what you’ve done, and realizing the reality of the short amount of time you have left. But, having that short amount of time is what motivates me to keep going. Besides the love for the people and my Saviour, it actually helpes me to work harder. When I tract in the rain, I just think, 
“Well, this sucks. But this could been one of the last times I ever get to do this, for the rest of forever.” It’s quite motivating and has made the work much more enjoyable! I’m loving life right now and I’m loving serving my Saviour!

Have a great week everyone!


Elder Skylar Starr 🙂



Meet "Bitey" - our friends pet stuffed-puppet dragon.

2 responses to “Another week in Oban… not a cloud in sight:)

  1. Hi, we served as the senior couple in Waterford, when Elder Starr was brand new in Cork. Its great seeing the growth he has made since we left 18 months ago. We are returning for a visit and would love to see him while there. Can you give us his contact info? Oban is somewhere we didn’t get to while we were there so, it would be great to see him.
    We leave 13 May and will be in Scotland 21 May – 26 May.
    You have a great son!
    Dick & Donna McConnel aka Elder & Sister

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