Elder Reece and I in front of the Grey Mares Waterfall!

Elder Reece and I in front of the Grey Mares Waterfall!

First off, I’m staying here with Elder Reece. Nothing exciting for our moves call 🙂

Well, I had the most amazing week!!! I’ll try not to show off or anything…but I got some pretty cool photos to show. ;D

So, here’s what we did! On Wednesday we had someone to contact out in a place called Kinlochleven. It’s in the middle of the highlands. haha! But it was necessary that we contacted the person, and all we have here is public transportation.

So, a train to Tyndrum, a once-a-day coach bus up to Glencoe (the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen) and another bus to Kinlochleven had us arrive at our destination! As we were there, we did lots of prying because we really only had one chance to contact this person, David, before we left. Well, we spent about 3 hours in the area, we found one person who might actually be willing to drive to Oban to learn from us, which is a huge miracle! The problem is getting people to church here. It is such an unbelievably large area, it’s hard to expect people that live 1, 2, even 3 hours away to come to church! But, there’s a chance with him 🙂

Then, we met David!! I know the Lord is directing this work. This is gonna sound like one of those “last door” missionary stories, but we had just a couple minutes before we had to catch our bus to go to Ballaculish to catch our once-a-day bus home to Oban. If we didn’t we’d be stranded in the Scottish Highlands (now that I think about it, that might have been kinda fun… :D). So, we were trying to figure out what to do, and David comes driving up to his house! he doesn’t even get out of his car, because he has to pick up his wife and take her to work. But we were able to confirm who he was, get his phone number, and he said we could call him to set up an appointment to see him. YAY! There is a God 😀 And He’s guiding us in our work! And yes, we were able to catch our busses home just fine.

Saturday came, and we had nothing but finding planned for the day. The weather’s been nice lately, so we had no problem doing that. BUT, we tried by a potential investigator, Robin, who let us in. We had a lovely chat and we’re actually seeing him again later tonight! Then at that same time, a former investigator, Sofia, also texted us and said she’d like to meet with us that night! So, we did, and we are also seeing her again tonight! The work is moving forward here in Oban, and this area, especially the Branch, needs our prayers more than ever. Please pray for these people! 🙂

Thanks you for everything, I love you all!

Have a GREAT week! 😀


Elder Skylar Starr

Also, I got mp3 recordings of our Easter Concert at St. Gile’s Cathedral in Edinburgh. You cna all access it here if you’d like to listen:


Good 'ole Scottish tinned Haggis! :D

Good ‘ole Scottish tinned Haggis! 😀

Sunset on the way home from our Journey, Loch Linnhe

Sunset on the way home from our Journey, Loch Linnhe

The sunset over Loch Leven

The sunset over Loch Leven


In Kinlochleven we had nothing to do on our lunch break, so we visited this cool waterfall! I’m proud to say that this is a selfie and did this on my own 😀

The view from our Bus heading through Glencoe Pass

The view from our Bus heading through Glencoe Pass

2 responses to “WE ARE SO LUCKY TO BE IN OBAN

  1. I enjoyed reading your comments about Oban. I served as Branch President there 30 years ago while serving a mission in Scotland. We had 14 members that had been members for maybe a year at the most. We saw two families baptized while I was there, one from Dunbeg and one from Pulpit Hill. Oban is beautiful place and has a wonderful spirit, but the work was challenging. Great memories.

  2. Elder Starr, you are such a GREAT missionary. Thanks for sharing your awesome story about finding David and thanks too for your awesome testimony! We are praying for you and for those you teach!

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