NOOOOOO I’m leaving Derry 😦 This place has become like home!! I’ll really miss it! But, I’m moving back to Scotland, to Oban! It is probably the most beautiful area in the mission according to Pres. and Sis. Brown, and guess what?? “The Jacobite” (The Harry Potter train) is in my area, do you remember the part where they take the train through the mountains? That’s my area. Just an idea of what I’m going into 🙂 I’ll be serving with Elder Reece, who is actually one of my old companions from Dublin! I’ve only served with him for 8 days, I’m really excited to be back with him! The area was unfortunately shut down halfway through last transfer, so the two of us will be opening the area. It will be great!

In other exciting news, I found out we will be singing Vocal Point’s “Nearer My God to Thee” as a finding tool during the Easter Concert coming up. It’s gonna be sooo much fun to learn that and sing it!

Not much has gone on this week, lots of travelling. But I really have to go, I’m outta time. I love you all!!!

Have an amazing week!!


Elder Starr

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