Happy 2015!!!!!!!

What a week it was!!!
We had quite a miracle happen on Christmas Eve!! So it was 5pm, we had to stop proselyting at 6pm. It was dark, and Christmas Eve so we really felt as if no one was going to talk to us, and that was sort-of confirmed by doors being shut in our faces and people yelling “It’s Christmas Eve!” So it wasn’t looking too good. As we were about to find a different area to tract, we went to one last door, and we told them we were sharing a Christmas video (He Is the Gift), and they let us right in! It was a couple named Clare and Michael. They are probably in their 20s, and Michael was sitting in there playing Grand Theft Auto….but when we walked in, they had loads of questions for us about what we do. They had seen a documentary that was shown here a few months back called “Meet the Mormons” (not the church made film, a TV documentary in the UK that didn’t do much good for the church) and because of that they had many questions. Well, long story short, we had a great discussion with them, shared the He Is the Gift video for the very last time before Christmas, and they invited us back for later this week. It was a great success and a reminder to us that God is preparing people, no matter the situation!
Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day (day after Christmas, another holiday) was spent doing service, opening packages, watching 2 football (soccer) matches, Elf, and Frozen, and spending time with the families we were with, play FIFA on the PS3, skyping home, and of course, eating a whole lot of food! All of those things were allowed, just so you know 🙂 But it was a nice couple days! One bad thing about holidays like these is that you can lose a lot of momentum. Well, we didn’t allow that to happen! On Saturday we were able to set 4 return appointments with people in one area, and we have 5 or 6 new investigators scheduled for this week, so that should keep us going 🙂
In other exciting news, Emma, my last investigator that we got as a referral right before I left Airdrie (you know, the one that read practically half the Book of Mormon before she met us) got baptised on Saturday!! Yay! 😀
Well everyone, it’s a great time of year. I hope and pray that although Christmas is over, that we can all do our best to make Christ a part of our daily lives. Keep it going, and embrace the Gift of Jesus Christ in your life! Have a Happy New Year!!!
Elder Skylar Starr

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