So, we got moves call last night! I’m staying, and Elder Reeder is off to Paisley! I feel bad cause I felt like I only spent 3 weeks this transfer with him! But that’s alright, it’s been a great last week 😀 Oh and I’ll be getting Elder Buckley!
We experienced some success with the He Is the Gift initiative this week. We were tracting and came across a family. We shared the pass along card and they invited us back! So we went back the next day and actually watched the video with them. Her name was Hillary, and when she watched the video, her countenance changed completely. She was struck in awe at the video and it turned into a great discussion. And she told us when we ran into her at the store that she had already been sharing it with her daughters and sisters and friends! So Hillary is great, and it seems like we’ll teach her and her family 🙂
Yesterday evening, right when President Brown and the Assistants called, we were talking to a man at the door. We apologized and told him we had to take the call. So after we got our moves call, we went back, explained everything, and they invited us in! We shared the He Is the Gift video with him and his wife, and as it turns out, his wife had already seen it! It seems as if the video is spreading like crazy! 🙂 But we continued to talk to them and just simply bore testimony of Jesus Christ. Jim is one who loves the Bible, and didn’t understand that Mormons believed in Jesus Christ. As we were testifying, the Spirit was in the room, and we shared with him Mosiah 3:17
“I say unto you, that there shall be no other name given nor any other way nor means whereby salvation can come unto the children of men, only in and through the name of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent.”
He thought it was a great verse, and when he asked where it was in the Bible, he had a shocked look on his face when we were able to tell him it came from the Book of Mormon!
I love the He Is the Gift initiative and the combined use of the Book of Mormon, our main tool used to testify to others of Jesus Christ. Combined together, they pretty well dispel the rumors about us not being Christians, and strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ.
Yesterday I gave a talk in church and have been able to study a lot about miracles. It is by faith that miracles come. We know that, but faith in what? Faith in Jesus Christ. Without faith in Him, we cannot and will not see God’s hand in our lives. If miracles have ceased, it is because people have stopped showing their faith.
So, again, I invite you all to take a wee step of faith, show the Lord you trust in Him and His promises, and #SharetheGift!
I am so grateful for the Christmas season and can’t wait to hear from you all soon!
Elder Skylar Starr


Missionary choir at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Missionary choir at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Christmas sweeter contest

Christmas sweeter contest


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