Me working for the British Heart Foundation

Me working for the British Heart Foundation

Well hey there everyone. I’ve been out for 16 months today! But I have to say, we had quite the spiritually uplifting week!!
On Thursday I was on exchanges with Elder Smiler in Derry-Londonderry and we went out with a 15 year old member and did some knocking. It was a great experience for us and him!! We’ve been taking surveys about Family History Attitudes that is going to go to a study from BYU-Idaho and we’ve seen some huge success in doing it. People do love family history!!
On Friday we had Zone Interview Training in Belfast. We drove there in the morning, had a 5 hour meeting and interview with President (which is fantastic by the way!!) and then drove back to our area. The next day, we drove back to Belfast again for Stake Conference in which Elder Lemur of the Area Seventy was presiding. He’s originally from Frankfurt, Germany, and he was an amazing guy!! Great experiences and example of missionary work shared. Presdient Brown spoke in this session, and reminded us that there will come a day when we will meet Christ, and the Lord will call us by our own name. “Mary…” “Joseph, this is my Beloved Son” there are examples throughout the scriptures. And we ourselves need to be prepared for that very moment! It hit me hard, and I will always remember that talk.
We spent the night in Carrickfergus, and the next morning went back to the stake center for the mains session of General Conference. I love being in a gathering of the saints! It’s great to see soooo many people, I love it. The talks were great, and Elder Lemur once again spoke powerfully. He reminded us to Always Look Forward. Whatever is in the past is in the past. Forget about it, do not mention it, and our goal should always be to see what we and what others can accomplish next.
Hope you all have an amazing week!! Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, and if you get the change, I would recommend watching the new Mormon Message. 🙂 These things just keep getting better and better!!
Have a great week!! Always look on the Bright Side of Life 😀
Elder Skylar Starr

Me with the Giant Elder Burch

Me with the Giant Elder Burch

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