15 months… :O



Well, I hit my 15 month mark. But I’m not counting!
So sorry everyone, I forgot to send a mass email out to everyone! We had gone out to some mountains with a member and it was just amazing!!
So, exciting news this week!! We found our first real new investigator in the Airdrie area, and she is so solid!! One of the most solid I’ve taught on my mission!! Her name is Monica, she’s 23, Brazilian. We met her on the doorstep 2 weeks ago, and this week we had a good lesson with her. We gave her a Book of Mormon when we first met her, and when we came back she had already read some of it and had been highlighting parts of it to understand it more! It hink the best part was that she had respect for the book! She believes it’s the word of God and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, but she showed respect to the gift we’ve been given by just READING IT! So cool!! We’ll be seeing her again and we are wayyy excited to work with her more!
We’ve also had PLENTY of other people that are willing to meet with us, we just never get the chance to! Appointments cancel, etc. But, that’s mission life! We’re having a lot of fun in Airdrie and the ward here is just great. OH! Funny story from 2 weeks ago, A member named Ryan and his family had us over on our last p-day to eat hot dogs for Canadian Thanksgiving! But he spiked our hot dogs with “Insanity” Sauce….oh man that stuff was hot!!! And then he gave us ghost pepper sauce to try…my mouth felt it was literally on fire for about 20 mins. I have never had so much water and milk (I don’t even like milk!!!) It was a funny prank and a fun day 😀
Well, we’re still workin hard, things are looking up, and we’re having a lot of fun. Always look on the bright side of life!!! 🙂
Elder Starr

my dad got us pizza!

my dad got us pizza!




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