Keep Keepin’ on!


What a week!!!

Monday…I bought a kilt. yeah!!!

Tuesday we had Zone Development and we got to meet up with PAISLEY ZONE at a huge park in the middle of Glasgow!!! So much fun!! We had 60 of us missionaries in one big park playing yoga football (scocer for you Americans), a giant rock paper scissors match (actually waay fun!) and some other fun stuff! all while wearing our Pink “Team Glasgow” tank tops. haha it’s the only pink we could find..we made the poor grocery ladies look all over and we ended up buying 6 woman’s pink tank tops. haha!!

The next day we had Zone Conference. ahhh… conference. always the best. even when they last 6 hours they are just so great!!

So we had a really cool experience with a lady named Jennifer at her doorstep. She was a former investigator and we tried by. She opened her door and just started talking about all the concerns she had. Wel, we just kept talking to her and testifying to her for about 30 mins. She said we could come back another time. We said a prayer right before we left, and then I said thanks for talking to us and apologized for letting the cold air in her house, and she said “Thats fine, I came to the door convinced I wasn’t going to do this again, but you helped me out with that.” So it was way cool to see the Spirit change her!!! We’ve also found a ton of other people this week, were just working on getting appointments set up with them

OH! We watched the last session of conference with a family this week from our ward. Elder Bednar. WOW!!!! I lopved that last session. and the one guy who was a convert! Such good talks.

WEll, have a great week everyone!!! 


Elder Starr

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