A Giant munchie box with tons of food....

A Giant munchie box with tons of food….

Scotland/Ireland Mission…Keepin’ it Safe![/caption]We’ve safely arrived in Airdrie!! Just 11 miles out of Glasgow, it’s a pretty cool place to be in. I’ll miss Edinburgh like crazy, but it’s a good fresh start! Literally a fresh start, like we have no investigators or anything! Reopening an area has been a lot of fun. My companion is Elder Fassold from Heber City Utah. He’s a sheep farmer! We just had a TON of fun this past week. Since we have no one to work with, we’ve been trying to meet the members and just get an idea of what we’re doing here! But seriously, it’s been soooo much fun around here. I’m back in a 4 man flat, and Elder Fassold actually replaced me when I left Cork and he’s been in a 4 man flat his whole mission!
So this week we did a lot of walking around town and also out to a village that’s quite far from town and have just been talking to everyone we see! People are really nice here, I’ve always heard that people from the west coast of Scotland are more open to talk, and it seems to be true! Because we’ve been talking with everyone, we’ve been able to set up 5 new investigators appointments! 2 of them fell through on Saturday, but we’ll get ’em back and get this area rollin!
On Friday we got to go to KFC with a member named Jamie and then he took us around to visit some others. The ward here is great and they seem to have a desire to do missionary work, so it’ll be awesome!
Funny story! On Saturday we were tracting some doors in a place called Coatbridge, and this dog starts coming down the stairs just barking his head off at Elder Fassold, just after he knocked on someone’s door. We just booked it outta that building. haha! We will never know if they answered our knock…
Well that’s life in Airdrie! Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Starr

Scotland/Ireland Mission...Keepin' it Safe!

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