Last photo of Morning Side district.

Last photo of Morning Side district.

I’m moving to Glasgow!!!! Airdrie to be exact, It think it’s about an hour outside of Glasgow. So, this was a crazy moves call so I’ll do my best to explain it. Elder Welch is moving to Belfast, while I am going to Airdrie. So we both got moved. The reason for that is that they are moving the Zone Leaders from Stirling to Edinburgh, and they will be taking over the Morningside area. Now my new companion is Elder Fassold, and we are both moving into Airdrie and re-opening another area there! So, I dunno if we’ll be starting from scratch or what, but it’ll be great! But also, with both Elder Welch and I leaving, that means that we will have to hand all our people we are working with over to people woh have never met them. So it’ll be a fun process.
Other than that, we had Stake Conference this week!! I LOVED it. First of all, my neighbors were there from when I lived in Mesa as a wee kid, so that was cool. But we had the Stake Presidency, President and Sister Brown of the SIM, and Elder and Sister Herbertson of the Seventy. I loved hearing from all of them, so many good things were said and learned, especially about missionary work! Elder Herbertson is great too. We had a Zone Conference with him a while back, and it was cool to have him back. He’s pretty funny too so it makes it all enjoyable!
We did some good finding this week and found some more people which was great! It’s kinda sad though now that we’re both leaving…haha! Well, I don’t know what else to say. This has been such a weird day and moves call. Well, talk to ya later!!
Elder Starr

My trainer went home!!!!!!!!!

Elder South (Elder Starr's trainer) is going home!

Elder South (Elder Starr’s trainer) is going home!

Elder Starr with the Wilsons.

Elder Starr with the Wilsons. Hasn’t seen them since he was 7.

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