Well, somehow I’m almost outta time and I haven’t emailed anyone yet. Time to FOCUS!
This week. We had a few blitzes (tons of missionaries working in one area) and meetings and lots of other stuff to take care of, so the week just seems to have FLOWN by!!
We got to see Matthew on Tuesday and we taught him the Plan of Salvation. It’s amazing the happiness that that knowledge brings into people’s lives, especially when it’s something we’ve grown up with and may have taken for granted.
On Thursday we had Zone Interview Training! It’s a four hour meeting (sounds like a lot, but I love it!) where we receive training from various leaders. The main message of it all was to focus on sharing the Restoration of the Gospel! It’s the most unique and important message anyone will ever hear, so we aught to be sharing that with people. These meetings are always great, they give us a boost in motivation to work! And of course I got to have my interview with President Brown, which is something we look forward to every 3 months.
Well, somehow we are already down to another moves call. I don’t know where this time has gone. It’s flown by sooooo fast!!! I hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Starr

Oh, and please keep raining in Arizona!! You’re taking it from Scotland and it’s been wonderful! 😀

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