Just rip off the Plaster!!


So I’ve got 5 minutes left, and I haven’t finished all my emails! So this will be quick.

This week was amazing. We’ve been busy and that’s always great as a missionary. Rahul, Matthew, and Amrou are all progressing and we’ve had some great meetings with them. Rahul taught a good lesson to us this week!

We were in a lesson, and we had been asking Rahul a few times to pray about baptism and if this is the true, restored gospel. He thought for a second and said “You know, I just need to ‘rip of the plaster (bandaid)’ and do it!” So you know when you have a bandaid and you’re scared to tare it off, and sometimes the best thing to do is just do it? That was the analogy he gave! It taught us a good lesson. It relates a lot to missionary work. Sometimes, finding can be hard to do, but if we just stop whining, put on a good attitude, and do it, we get to see miracles happen and lives change!! And this applies to all aspects of life. Reading the scriptures and praying, sometimes someone may say “I’m too tired” or for church they may want a break and just sit at home. But, if we just “rip off the plaster” and do it, we will ALWAYS be happier in the end! And that is a promise that we are given. Someone may have a question that’s been bothering them. Well, the best thing to do is to just kneel down and ask. Just do it! Nike…:)

That’s my little thought for the week, I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Elder Starr

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