Edinburgh Zone Development Day!

Edinburgh Zone Development Day!

Hey everyone!! Another great week in Edinburgh.
Tuesday I was able to go up to Stirling with Elders Chan and Johns. We may or may not have had a whipped cream fight. (Missionaries….weird stuff) But we did some missionary work too!! The exchange rekindled my flame for the week and made it all a lot of fun!! We’ve just been talking to everyone.
This week we were able to set our friend Matthew with a baptismal date for September 20th. So please pray for that!! He is such a great kid. He’s only 17 but has such a strong desire to make Christ a part of his life. It’s amazing to see today!!
We’ve also been meeting with a friend named Rahul, who’s girlfriend is a member, and hopefully he’ll continue to make these little steps as well.
On Friday, we met another 17 year old on the street (he didn’t look 17!) who said he would come to our church. Normally when people say that, they don’t mean it. Then on saturday we walked past him again, and he said “See ya tomorrow!” And then on Sunday we did! He came to church, activley participated in all the discussions, and it was jsut great! His name is Amrou and he’s pretty cool. He loved church!
Yesterday, Monday, we had another Zone Development, which consisted of softball, ultimate frisby, capture the flag, chair football, minute to win it games, a BBQ, and a whole lot of FUN! I had to put vaseline all over my nose and pick up cotton balls with it and drop them in another bowl…haha! Way fun!
With the Festivals and the Tattoo all coming to a close, everything is settling in and the work is picking up! It’s an exciting time in Edinburgh!! have a great week everyone! 🙂
Elder Starr

Edinburgh Zone Development Day!

Edinburgh Zone Development Day!

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