Morningside District

Morningside District

I’m staying in Edinburgh for 6 more weeks!!! At least!! I’m so excited 😀 and I’m staying with Elder Welch! He will officially be my longest companion. Everyone else besides Elder South has been 6 weeks or less! So I’m excited. we’re gonna have lots of fun and tear it up! In a good way!
So this week has been very interesting. A common theme has appeared among all the people we’ve been talking to, and that is that they don’t understand how we can trust feelings and say it comes from the Holy Ghost. That’s one thing I’ll have to study more!! Any thoughts?
So we met with a man named Dave this week, who invited us to play Risk with him and his friends from his Christian church. sadly, we didn’t have time. haha!
So this week has been a bit difficult, for various different reasons, but I’ve learned a lot about the power of prayer and the Atonement to lift us when we most need it!
I also spoke in church yesterday on the life of Jesus Christ, and I actually really enjoy speaking. It’s fun!
Saturday we met with a couple named Ian and Rachel. They are really cool, but one of their problems is what I spoke of earlier. How can they trust those feelings? Also they raised a good question, If living the gospel brings forth good fruits, how can we tell if those good fruits come from God, or just come from doing good things? Now, my immediate answer would be that all good things come from God (Mor. 7:12) but, I don’t know if that would help them believe that there is a God there, and since they believe the ‘good feelings’ are just from chemicals in the brain, it makes it a bit difficult to recognize the Spirit!! We’ve got some work and studying to do! 🙂
Other than that, we enjoyed some Kebabs with the other Elders, saw some cool street performances, and regularly enjoy the fireworks from the Tattoo every night. and it’s all been fun. Love you all!!
-Elder Skylar Starr

Elder Welch

Elder Welch

Elder Welch Photobombed by the Sisters

Elder Welch Photobombed by the Sisters


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