Annnnnnnnddddd another week!!

Rainy Day!!!

Rainy Day!!!

The weeks just keep going quicker. I don’t understand!!

But it’s been a fantastic week. On Sunday we got a call from some Elders just outside of Edinburgh with a referral for a girl named Theano. She’s from Greece. We saw her on Wednesday! She’s YSA age, and we brought a YSA joint teach and they just clicked and everything was fantastic! We taught her about prayer and how we can get answers from God. Just a simple little lesson that was so profound. It’s the smallest “primary answers” that make the biggest difference in your life. Pray, read the scriptures, go to church. I’ve been saying it my whole mission, but they are the things that will make the biggest difference in your life!

Right after the visit with Theano, we got a call from Ollie, one of our investigators, and he had a friend over named Craig, who was baptized here a few months back, and then disappeared. Well he randomly showed up, and we had a great visit with him! Turns out he’s been in the Army down south and just couldn’t come back up here. It was nice to meet him, he’s a solid kid!! And luckily our joint teach with Theano turned around and came back to teach with us again.

We attended another funeral on Friday for a lady in our ward. It’s good to see all the love and hope that comes from the gospel in these situations. None of the family were members, but they appreciated the church and it was good to see that.

Saturday…it RAINED ALL DAY!!! It was a fun day. haha!

Saunday we double booked dinner….so we were stuffed. I felt like I had been eating from 3-8pm and it hurt. haha! But it’s worth it, I love seeing the members!!

Other than that, there is a lot going on around Edinburgh with Festival Fringe, the international Festival, the Tattoo, and all this other crazy stuff!!

It’s a lot of fun, lots of things are happening!!

Hope you all have a great week!!


Elder Starr

Trainers "Training" the Trainiees...

Trainers “Training” the Trainees…

One response to “Annnnnnnnddddd another week!!

  1. Elder Starr I am Elder Jared Welchs’ Jude/grandmom and I have to admit I am not your usual grand-anything, (just ask Jared) and I guess a bit of a blog stocker. I found your blog and joined up. Want to thank you for taking such good care of Jared as his trainer and showing him the ropes in Scotland. Congrats on you one year mark and keep up the good work. Guess you will be going to college and then on to medical school after that, wish you great success. Please encourage Jared to go to BYU Idaho as soon as he is off of his mission. I don’t think he has given it much thought so any encouragement you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Judy Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 16:04:45 +0000 To:

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