1 YEAR!!!!

Scotland East Zone With Elder & Sister Dyches

Scotland East Zone With Elder & Sister Dyches

Well, this email’s gunna be a bit short. I just got an email from TOM!!! So I’ve been replying to him. I haven’t heard from him in what feels like forever! I’m on top of the world. HEY!
This week was just a blast!! On Thursday, Elder Timothy J. Dyches of the Seventy came and visited us. We had a good long fireside on all sorts of different things. Also, before it I got to go to a Leadership Meeting, which was really good. We watched a clip about a football player who during a practice his coach made him do the death crawl across the field, blindfolded, with his 160lbs team mate on his back. The kids name was Brock. I’ve been dying to know which movie that was from, does anyone know? It was really inspirational, and basically the idea was that Brock was the leader on the team, and if he couldn’t do it, no one could. If he fell during tough times and struggles, then the rest of the team would fall with him.
On to Sunday, it turned out to be on of the best Sundays ever! Well, back to Saturday first, we taught Rahul, a man who has been coming to church with his girlfriend for the past few months. We’ve been trying to for so long!! So it was nice to finally get to. He’s such a great guy too. and He was at church again!
But here’s a funny story. On Saturday we were going through Former Investigators in our Area Book. We were actually able to set up 4 appointments doing that for the next 2 weeks! But we came across a man named “Tomaso”. He’s an Italian man that was visiting from Italy about a year ago, living with a member family. So we had planned to go to church and ask this member family about Tomaso. Well, they got to church, and before we could even say hi to them, they introduced us to Tomaso!!! He had just come back up from Italy. Well, we spent the next 1 1/2 hours teaching him during Priesthood and Sunday School. He had questions about faith and stuff, and it was a great experience!
To top it all off, a member handed us an envelope with 3 referrals during church. So yeah, it turned out to be an awesome sunday. Gotta go!!
Love you all!!

Elder Skylar Starr

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