Wellllllllllllllllllllllll another great week! It was one of those weeks where a lot happened, but it doesn’t feel like anything happened.
We had a Zone Meeting this week! It was good, I love being around the other missionaries and seeing all ma buddies!
After the Zone Meeting, we had a good lesson with Jon. We taught the Plan of Salvation, but for him it didn’t really matter much, because he already had those beliefs. He then informed us that he would like us to stop contacting us! He’s loving everything he’s learning, but he wants to see for himself if this is the right church for him, and the way he is going to do that is by stop feeling the Spirit. It’s an interesting way of going about it, but he wants to see if this Spirit is something he can only find here! So I guess it kinda….makes sense? Logically yes, but hey it’s his personal preference and that’s fine! We hope to hear from him soon!
Other than that, I went on Exchanges with Elder Johns, one fo our Zone Leaders, up to Stirling! I LOVE Stirling. We taught a couple who had gotten into a ton of anti stuff, which was sad to see. We also did some service and had a good dinner appointment and stuff.
Well the rest of this week was just a TON of finding. It was great, but we’re just hoping to teach some people!
Oh! Funny story! So one time I was sitting at this bus stop and I saw this guy, and he was just one of the nicest guys I had ever met. I didn’t get to talk to him then because he was a care taker for the needy, and he was working at the time. But I wanted to talk to him so bad!! So this week, Elder Welch and I were walking through the park chatting to people, and then I had to make a phone call to someone in our Bishopric. I was on the phone, and then I see that one guy I wanted to talk to. So I’m still on the phone, but I tell him “Hey, I’m gonna hang up on you cause there’s this one guy that I really wanna talk to! Bye!” he laughed and hung up. Well, I went and talked to the nice guy. The Nice guy’s name is Chris, he’s from Ireland, and he’s a devout Catholic, but it turns out, he wanted to meet with us too! So we’ll see him sometime this week. Well, that’s my good story for the week 🙂
Love you all!!
-Elder Skylar Starr

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