Fun awesome week!!

3 Generations

Skylar’s Trainer, and his trainee.

This week was a blast. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to see Richard again this week, but there were a couple emergencies with him and we’ll be able to see him sometime this week hopefully! July 20th for his baptism isn’t an option any more, but that’s okay!
So, I’ll tell you why this week was SO much fun!
Saturday, we had the Edinburgh Ward BBQ!!! normally we wouldn’t go to 3 hours long activities like that, but this month was the month of invitation, so the ward wanted us to go! So we did 🙂 And it was a blast. I made the mistake of challenging the so-called “Dundee Stake Banana Eating Champion” (Counsellor in the Bishopric here) to a banana eating contest. We had 4 minutes to eat as many bananas as we could. And they were BIG! But I was able to eat 5 bananas in 4 minutes. According to him, the champion, the record was 9. So not too bad!! But I was blindfolded and the whole ward was yelling and cheering us on, and guess what happens?? We finish, I take off the blindfold, and everyone is just staring at me…………………….this so called “Champion” just sat there and laughed his head off as I sat there scarfing down on bananas!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn’t eat any. hahahaha it was actually really funny. Someone has it on video and somehow I’ll get it sent out! But the BBQ was great, very well attended and we had a lot of fun.
Sunday!! we had the Joseph Smith musical fireside that I have so been looking forward to for the past month. We rehearsed a lot for it this week, which was another reason our work was a bit slower. But the rehearsal was needed, and A LOT of people showed up to the fireside!! The Spirit was so strong in the building, we had just about everyone in the audience in tears. I got to play the part of David Whitmer and sing a small little solo from a song called the “The Witnesses”. I was also John Taylor! If you look up “Joseph Smith the Prophet by Rob Gardner” on youtube, they should have some of the songs on there! It’s a great program, and it was so fun to get to sing in a choir and everything! I even suggested that we create a little missioanry choir outta this to Sis. Brown, we’ll see 😀
So this past week was a whole lot of fun, but we’re looking forward to get back to finding people and hopefully all will go well!!
Have a great week everyone!!!
Elder Starr

Oh by the way, we got moves call last night…I’m going to the Shetlands. Just kidding I’m staying here in Edinburgh with Elder Welch. YAY! 🙂

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