This week was just amazing!!!! Things are starting to look up a bit more. 

Thursday was Zone Interview Training. It was great. I love having interviews with President. I was the last one in the mission, so he was so exhausted, but I love him. We also had some great training.

Soooooooo Friday was my Birthday. We went to Toby’s Carvery, a restaurant here in Edinburgh. It’s sooo good!!! But when we were there, a man came up to us and asked how he could become a Mormon. His name is Richard and we were able to meet with him on Saturday morning and set him with a baptismal date of July 20th!! He’s younger I think, and he just wants to feel happiness and feel accepted by God. He was a worker there, so it’s a mircale that we were there at that exact time!!! Then we also went to a family’s house in our ward Friday evening for dinner. They are one of my favorite families. They found out on Wednesday that we didn’t ahve anything set up for my birthday, and they offered to have us over! 2 days short notice!! So we went over, they made me a cake and Chicken Alfredo (you can’t get that here, but they lived at BYU for a while and had it there) and it was soooo good!!! I also treated myself to some imported Mountain Dew. haha 🙂

Other exciting news, we got a referral this morning for a man who’s mother is a member, he wants us to come by and help him get to church and he jsut found his old Book of Mormon and felt good reading it. We’re so excited to meet him. Blessings and Miracles are coming!!!! 😀

That’s all for this week! Thanks for everything!!!!!


Elder Starr



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