Crazyyyy Busy Week!!!

Elder Starr and Elder Welch.

Elder Starr and Elder Welch.

I don’t feel like much happened this week, but it’s been soooo busy!!!
My new companion is Elder Jared Welch!! He’s from a place called Bremerton, Washington, right next to Seattle!
He’s been stuck in Provo for the past 7 weeks cause of visa problems, so he’s been one of those “Chat with a Mormon” people from for 5 weeks! He’s a cool kid, and we’re so excited for these upcoming 2 transfers!!
Since he came in from Provo with one other missionary, he had to come a day early. So on Tuesday, me and Elder Utley went on splits with these 2 new missionaries! I had no idea I’d be training Elder Welch, but that’s when he taught his first lesson, and he did great! He’s still recovering from Jet Lag and is pretty dead tired, but he’ll get over it i’m sure 🙂 He’s gonna be a good missionary. I’m excited!
His firt lesson with me was with a lessactive member named Mark. We accidentally triggered his combat stress/PTSD from his time in the army (loooong story) and so poor Elder Welch got yelled at for quite a while, but he did a great job handling it. I felt so bad!
We also spent about 5 1/2 hours travelling on Saturday for 2 appointments, the traffic was crazy here in Edinburgh. And a new tram broke down which people aren’t too happy about. haha!
Then on Sunday we had a ward activity in which we taught the ward how to do missionary work. I felt it went well, of course not everything will go as planned in these types of things (dumb technology) but I really hope it had a good impact on the ward! A lot fo time and effort went into it 🙂 but it’s good now cause I can use the powerpoint and everything for future things!
I think that’s about all for now! Things have just been super busy around here, but I’m loving every second of it!
Hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Starr

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