Late Email!!

Roslyn Chapel

Roslyn Chapel

So it’s Wednesday! These past few days have been a BLAST!!

I dunno what happened last week though….uhhh….

OH yeah!

So the work has been going alright here. Elder Utley and I have not had much time to do finding lately, so our teaching pool is very slim.

But on Saturday we got to do some finding!! We went out to a place called Oxgangs and tried by some former investigators. As we were walking, we stopped a guy and he said he wasn’t interested. But he said “You can try the mrs. at home, she might like that stuff.” So as we walked away, he yelled out the address! So we went to the home and spoke to her for a bit. Her name is Amanda and she said we could come back another time!! So we were supposed to see her today,but she wasn’t in :/ She seemed really good, so we’ll keep trying.

We also set up an appointment with a former investigator out there named Doreen. She’s a bit older, and was welcome to having us back, so we set up on appointment for Sunday. At church on Sunday we could not find anyone to take teaching with us! She was going to be the only person there, so we had to bring another male. We just couldn’t find anyone, and then President Brown offered to help!! We were so excited to go teaching with him. He drove us out there, and….she didn’t answer. She wasn’t in. Disappointing. So he drove us around to try by more formers, no one answered, and then he had to go back. So we were pretty sad we didn’t get to teach with him, but then 4 doors of knocking after he left, we got another return appointment with a lady named Hailee. Sadly, she didn’t answer today either 😛 But we’ll keep trying! 🙂

These past 2 days have been great.

Monday, P-day, was so fun! We went out to a place called Roslyn to visit Roslyn Chapel. I don’t know if any of you know anything about that place, but if you’ve ever seen the Da Vinci Code (I haven’t :P), apparently the Holy Grail and the Arc of the Covenant are buried underneath this chapel. According to legend, of course. So we went to the chapel with our district, and it costed £9 to get in…it was a bit small, and we really didn’t wanna pay….So we just went and explored the nature! We found an old run down castle/prison-looking thingy, a river, and it was just a beautiful area. It was fun to be out there! Then we came back and played American Football for about 2 hours. I haven’t played that game for at least a year, so it was fun to do that!! But I am so sore. haha!

Then Yesterday was just great. We had a Scotland-East Conference in Dundee! So early in the morning we packed the mission van full of 9 missionaries and I got to drive it up to Dundee! It was one of the most amazing drives I’ve ever taken. The weather was awesome and Fife (the place we drove through, in between the Tay River and the Firth of Forth) is beautiful. And the conference was amazing. Dundee Stake President and his wife both spoke to us, along with President and Sister Brown, and the assistants. It was a very spiritually uplifting conference, a lot was covered, and a whole lot was learned. We get to do Family history 1 hour a week now, and I learned to “Get out of the way!” This is not my work, or the mission’s work, or the church’s work, it is the Lord’s work, and I need to do everything possible to make sure that I realize I can’t do this without Him.

That’s all I’ve got for these past 9 days! Have a great week everyone!!


Elder Skylar Starr

The district! Exploring around Roslyn chapel

The district! Exploring around Roslyn chapel

Fife! The drive up to Dundee

Fife! The drive up to Dundee

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