9 Months!!

Zone Development Day!

Zone Development Day!

Well, I’m already at 9 months. how did I get there so quickly??
So this week was great! I’m loving being in Edinburgh. It’s very lively, especially compared to Arbroath! haha! I gave my first District Meeting on Tuesday, which was good fun! I felt it went just fine 🙂
We had a little bit of a miracle this week! So when we were on exchanges, Elder Utley ran into a mom and her daughter who are members from New Zealand. They have been thinking about getting back to church, and the moved here 2 years ago! They are both members, but her husband is not. He plays for Edinburgh Rugby which is way cool, but he actually used to play for the All Blacks! So that was pretty exciting to hear. haha! so they were at church on sunday, and then we wentand visited them after church! her daughter is 12 and wanted us to give her a little refresher on things. So that was way cool! we’re seeing them again on wednesday, hopefully we’ll got to talk to the husband a bit more. It really was a miracle that we got to meet them though!!
On Monday, we had a new thing called Zone development! It was to sorta give us a break from all the hard stuff that happens and to let us have a bit of fun, it’s something President Brown felt was needed. And it sure was!!! It was a full day of games and activities, I felt like I was in youth again!! so in the morning we had a barbeque, played some “miniolympics” games, and then we went and played softball. Oh that was fantastic!! i’ve missed throwing a ball and swinging a bat. Then we played a game called Psychiatrist which was pretty fun, and THEN we had a Murder Mystery dinner!! Ahh that was sooo fun!! we al had different characters to play, it’s something that our district was able to plan. It was a western-themed one, set in “Cactus Gulch” in 1884. I was a man named Elijah Entwhistle, a traveling preacher. Ironic, right? 🙂 But I was actually undercover as a gun-for-hire named Jake Calhoun, and my brother was the one that was murdered. So it was pretty cool 🙂 I’ve attached a picture below of everyone in the Zone for the murder mystery dinner! It was a much needed day of fun 🙂 and i’m looking forward to getting back to work and finding people to teach!
Elder Starr

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