March is almost over!?!?

DSC02252WOAH!! You all have no idea how fast this mission has been going. Well, I guess some of you missionaries do, but that’s besides the point. This has been a good week! It’s gone be crazy fast, but it honestly doesn’t feel like much has been done…
We’ve been doing a lot of work with Colin, a less-active member. He received a home teaching assignment and he’s been LOVING it! We’ve been hoping to get him excited about the gospel, and that has definitely done it. And we are his home teaching companions, and we teach 2 other less-active members, so it’s been good working with all of them to try and help them!
No news with any investigators. OH!! Before I forget!!! I’ve been meaning to write this in my email for about 1 month now, but then I get done emailing, and think to myself “Dang! I forgot to write about Ross!!” So, exciting news. I don’t know if any of you remember, but when I was in my first area (Cork, Ireland), Elder Stewart and I were teaching a man named Ross. He was a self-referral that came from church headquarters. Well, about 2 months ago, he got baptized!!! He’s now an active member in the church. We’ve also contacted Tom, someone else who was baptized when I was in Cork, and he’s been in Dublin working through some family problems, but has been attending church there out of his own will! It’s so cool to see someone become truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You know it happens when they are making decisions like that!
On to some sad news, then I’ve got a miracle to share.
So, Tom and Ross were both referrals from, and they’ve both been baptized. I’ve always had strong hope for those that refer themselves. So, we got another referral from the mission office this week! We took about 3 hours out of our day to travel to this small town called Bo’ness. We knocked on the door, the guy was in, right name, right address, but he wasn’t interested at all. Someone just played a joke on us 😦 If you ever get the idea to play a joke on some poor missionaries through, please don’t! 🙂
When I first came into this area, I told you all about a very solid referral that we received the week before we came in named Sophie. Since then, we haven’t been in contact with her. Well, last Sunday, as a companionship, we decided to fast that we would be able to contact Sophie by the end of this week. Last night, we received a text from her around 8:30pm! She said she’s been in Massachusetts for a while and that’s why she hasn’t been answering our calls, but that she’s still willing to talk when she gets back. YAY!!
That’s all my exciting news for this week! I love you all!
Elder Skylar Starr


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