This has been…a crazy week.



I honestly don’t remember what happened in the beginning of this week cause the weekend was so crazy! Well, I did give a hair cut to one of our Less Active members named Colin. That was fun 🙂 It’s funny cause I had no idea what I was doing!! But I did it 🙂
So, Friday comes around. We went out to a place called Grangemouth to see if we could make contact with some less-active members and some former investigators. We try a few doors, no answer. We get to a buzz-in flat building (an apartment building where you have to press a button for people to let you in), and try someone. No answer. Now here’s some dialogue!
E. Starr: “Hey guys, wanna try some 5-a-sides?” (5-a-sides are where you try by someone, but you also try knocking/buzzing 5 flats on both sides of that person to meet more people)
E. Donaldson & Fisher: “Sure!”
*we start to buzz flats, no answers*
E. Fisher: “Watch this, I know a way of getting into the buzz in flats 100% of the time.”
*we continue buzzing, waiting for someone to answer*
*beep!* “Hello?”
E. Fisher: “Hey it’s the missionaries, can we come in?” *beep!*
That’s the end of the dialogue. But as you can see, we were let in!! then we walk to the guy’s door, and he looks at us before we even say anything, “You comin in?”
So we walk in, wondering what the heck is going on! Just fyi, we almost never get let into people’s homes. Let alone before we even say anything!!
So we proceed to have a lesson on the Book of Mormon with a guy named Alexander and he promised us he would read the WHOLE THING by next Wednesday!!
I hope you enjoyed my story:)
Later that evening we went to a dinner appointment with a family in our branch. I did something I will never do again…the “Simpson Challenge”. I attached a picture to it. But basically it’s 1 whole loaf of bread from a bakery, sliced down the middle, 2 pounds of ham, waffle frys, coleslaw, mayo, lettuce, and a whole lot of calories. it was HUGE!!! 12 of us did the challenge, only 4 of us finished it. I was the only missionary to finish it, but it took me 1 HOUR and 41 MINUTES!! I felt horrible later that night, and I didn’t really eat anything on Saturday…or Sunday….but I did it:D
Saturday…we had the adult session of the Edinburgh Scotland Stake Conference saturday evening. So we caught a train to edinburgh, and as we were walking to the church, we were looking for a kebab shop, cause, we wanted kebabs. haha
but as we were walking down Dalry Rd. in downtown Edinburgh, a motorcyclist on a speed bike, with a passenger on the back, FLEW by us down the street. He got so close to us cause we were walking down the sidewalk. When I say flew, I mean it. He was going like 70-80mph down this small road in edinburgh, and it’s not like the road was empty! We watched him go by, and right as he went by us, he started wobbling and fish tailing, then hit the curb and the 2 people on the bike went flying into this bus stop. It was the craziest thing to watch. Me and Elder Fisher ran up to the bus stop they crashed into to see if we could help. There were lots of people around helping, pretty much everyone was on the phone with 999 (911), so there wasn’t much we could do. We found out yesterday that those two men are still in the hospital in critical condition. There was one person who was standing at the bus stop who was also taken to the hospital, but he/she was released. I am convinced that them hitting that bus stop saved their lives and many others standing there. You could probably find pictures of it if you search Edinbugh dalry road Motorcycle accident! But yeah that was pretty distracting to our day.
But stake conference Saturday and and Sunday was fantastic!! I especially enjoyed Sunday. We sang “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and on the 4th verse I just about shouted it because I was just so happy to say that I know that my Redeemer lives. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting! It was mainly focused on the stake plan for this year, building Zion in our Hearts, Homes, and Wards/Branches.
I think that’s all I’ve got left for this week! It was a crazy week though!
Thanks for all the prayers and support in my behalf! I love you all!
Elder Skylar Starr

Simpson Challenge

Simpson Challenge




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