It’s St. Patty’s day!!

Whate'er thou art, act well thy part

Whate’er thou art, act well thy part

…and nothing happens in Scotland for it! haha oh wel, maybe I’ll be in Ireland for it next year. I’m not complaining 🙂
So this week was pretty good! Taught a good amount of lessons, but it didn’t feel like it at all. But that’s not what matters! We’re having good success in helping people come closer to Christ. We only had one investigator lesson this week, so I was thinking to myself about how I don’t feel like we’re doing much. Of course there is always more work to be done, but I thought about it and realized no matter who we are teaching, member or non member, our purpose is to help them draw closer to Christ, through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. And I do feel like I am fulfilling that purpose!
This week involved a lot of work with Less active members.
Colin, Sheila, Alan, and we had more appointments with others, but they fell through. They all have a desire, which is great, so we just need to help them work on that!
P-Day was spent in Stirling this week, and we saw the plaque which is in place of the stone that Elder David O. McKay saw when he served here years ago that said “Where e’re thou art, Act Well Thy Part” which really inspired him to stop feeling sorry for himself and lose himself in the work of salvation! So it was pretty cool to be in that spot, and a good reminder as well 🙂
Then we saw Stirling castle! We didn’t go in it, cause it’s way expensive, but we did walk around the grounds and it was an amazing view.
We also had one new investigator this week. His name is Alistair, and he is an Elder in the Church of Scotland. he had great views on things, and agreed a lot with what we were saying. He brought up something interesting, and I learned a lot from it. He pointed out how miracles have not ceased, and we had a good conversation about that. But he said that Miracles do happen everyday. Just the fact that a man can use his hands, cut someone open, fix whatever is wrong, close them up, and they are healed in a fix weeks is a miracle in itself. I never thought about it that way, but even the things that we think are all caused and done by us, God has provided us with the way to accomplish those things. They are miracles!
Well that’s really all I have this week, I look forward to updating you all next week with more news and more people that we are teaching!
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Skylar Starr

Not really sure what this is...

Not really sure what this is…

Sterling Castle

Sterling Castle

Whate'er thou art, act well thy part

Whate’er thou art, act well thy part

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