Moves Week!!

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

I’m now in Falkirk! All settled in and everything. The beginning of the week in Arbroath I just spent packing up and everything, so not much happened. We did meet with Gary though! He just doesn’t seem too interested. On Tuesday we took a train down to Edinburgh and spent the night there with a ton of other Elders.Wednesday was pretty much just a play day for me! Elder Donaldson (one of my new comps) was already there, but we had to wait for Elder Fisher (my other new comp) to arrive off the ferry from Ireland. So, we got to play in Edinburgh all day!! Elder Donaldson and I went with Elder Martin, and our Zone Leaders Elders Walker and Holm into the city from the mission home, and we walked all over town! We went and ate at this super nice Buffet place called Cosmos, and then visited other places in the city. So…uhh….I dunno if any of you remember, but I LOVE Mountain Dew. The don’t have real mountain dew here. BUT, we were able to find an American Candy Shop that had it imported and sold it here. So I bought 2 cans for £3. That’s the equivalent of around $5…I’d say it was totally worth it 🙂 We also walked into a ton of kilt shops, took pictures in front of the castle, AND found this old tartan shop that me and my family dressed up in kilts and took pictures in exactly 10 years ago! So that was pretty cool 🙂 It was just a fun day hanging out with tons of missionaries! seeing the new ones come in is so great! I found out Elder Sweat is training an Elder from South Africa. So that’s cool 🙂
So…Falkirk! We’re kinda northeast a bit from Edinburgh, pretty much central Scotland. We’ve got a high street with shops, a football (soccer…) stadium, a big wheel, and 2 giant horse heads. hahah just look em up 🙂
It’s a branch, but seems to be a bit bigger than my last ward. I like it! There’s YOUTH!!! I’m so happy!! There weren’t any in my last area, so it’s nice to see them again. We go to the Youth activities every week as well as play sports every Saturday morning with the branch. We had branch conference yesterday as well, so the stake presidency was there and we got to meet them. Our stake president, Pres. Freed, is great. He reminds me a lot fo superman….haha if you saw a picture, you’d know why. But they really encouraged the branch to do their own missionary work. They were pretty bold as well, I loved it! 😀 Guys, do everything you can to share the gospel. It doesn’t have to be anything big where you teach your friends a lesson, or slam them with doctrine and gospel principles, just be open about what you do and what you believe! invite them over and everything. I never realized how important member missionary work was until I came out here. It is our single most important calling as members of the church.
Being in a Trio is way fun! One of my comps, Elder Fisher, worked at Chick-fil-A before he came out, so we kinda talk about that a lot…and then Elder Donaldson is pretty much Zach Bishop’s twin. He is the exact same person. So it’s fun to be around one of my best friends again 🙂
So, we’re working with a lot of Less Active Members, which is great. They treat us very well, and we’re just trying to help them feel more comfortable coming back. I’m looking forward to finding new people to teach! WE have a referral that we received from another area that is very solid. Apparently she’s been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, knows it’s true, and wants to join the church. And she hasn’t even met with missionaries yet. So that’s exciting, we just need to get meeting with her!
Besides all of that, that’s my week! Thanks for everything you all do for me and the support and prayers as well. I love you all!
Elder Starr
Mountian Dew!

Mountain Dew!

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