Great Week!

Well this week started out great. We went out Monday evening (P-Day ends at 6) and were able to meet a lot of people on the street, and we got 4 appointments set up that day! It kept going good for the next few days, met with multiple people on the street (people are actually starting to talk to us now!) and got some appointments set up. So we were so excited for this week! Then at the end of the week, Saturday night, we were left wondering “What happened to this week?”
As it turns out, 13 of these appointments were cancelled (the people didn’t show up, we had to reschedule, etc.), and we were going to have 6 new investigators just on Saturday alone. That didn’t happen either. BUT it’s alright! I still feel great just knowing that that many people were willing to meet with us. I feel like I should be a bit depressed about all that. But I’m not! Just the fact that we had 13 appointments set up (more than all of last transfer) was a reason to rejoice! So we’re going into this week positive and everything seems like it’s going to be great!
This week we’ll be seeing Dougie, we have a multi-Zone conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday, Elder Herbertson, one of the area authorities, will be there, so I’m excited for that! Montrose ward also has a missionary coming home on Wednesday, and he’s promised to go teaching with us on Thursday, we’ve got exchanges with the Zone Leaders Friday-Saturday and just a whole lot going on for this week. It’s pretty exciting! Plans will go better this time 🙂
And sorry, no pictures this week, I left my camera cord in our flat 😛
Well, I should have a lot more to update you all on next week, hope everything goes well!
I love you all!
Elder Starr

“If the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure [trials] will crumble.”
-Pres. Henry B. Eyring

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