Tranfers & 6 MONTHS!!

So I’m staying in good ‘ol Arbroath! Montrose Ward! I’m happy about that. I love it here! We just really need a car :S Elder Grant is getting transferred to Irvine, near Paisley, which is on the west coast near Glasgow. I’m getting a new companion and District Leader, Elder Morgan Sweat from Utah! I’ve heard quite a bit about him because Elder Grant served with him. He’s a 2-time state wrestling champ from Utah…So I’m gunna watch myself. 🙂 But it’ll be fun!
Things are really picking up here! We got a new investigator named Gordon who is very into conspiracy and anti-government stuff. We thought it was interesting, but we were able to relate it right back to the Book of Mormon and the warnings and prophecies contained in there. The lesson started off horrible, but then we shared the story in Alma 30:43-44 where Koriantumr is asking Alma to show him a sign that God is there. Alma basically says:
“You’ve had enough signs, everything denotes that there is a God. Will you tempt your God?”
“Okay then you will be struck dumb.”
And he was.
Like my way of story telling? Ehh I guarantee it’s much better in the scriptures 🙂
When we shared that, he sat back, and said “YES!” So he then asked for a Book of Mormon and invited himself to church. He wasn’t able to come cause his cat died and his wife was upset, but he will be there next week 🙂
We are meeting with dougie later today! We ahve lots of appointments lined up for the week as well.
Besides that, that’s all I ahve to report this week!
Oh. I had a kebab. oh man. It was HUGE!!!! But so good:)
I’m still recovering. But all will be well!
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Starr





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