Happy Christmas!!!



Soooo, this has been a long week!! I traveled from the bottom of Ireland to near the top of Scotland!! 16 hours total on Wednesday 😛 But this week’s been good! Before I left Cork, we had an excellent lesson with Fred. It was a great last lesson for me. He’s set for baptism and wants his brother to do it! He’s an RM.
Before I forget, I won’t be emailing next week until Thursday, the 27th.
So I took a bus from Cork to Dublin, then a bus from Dublin to Belfast, a ferry from Belfast to Scotland, a bus from there to Glasgow, a bus from there to Edinburgh, and a train from there to Dundee, and then a train to Arbroath. It was looooonnnnnggg. It’s not as cold as I thought it would be though…yet. It will be D:
So on Thursday, my first full day here, we had a dinner appointment, visited a Less active man, and got a new investigator named Dougy. It’s their first new investigator in Arbroath in 8 weeks, so things are looking up!! 😀 We also had an awesome dinner appointment with a lady who asks us to call her Grandma. She’s just like a grandma to us and takes care of us and everything! It was a lot fo fun 🙂
Arbroath is right on the Ocean, and I cover up to Montrose and as far inland as Forfar and into the mountains. It’s a big area, and we have no car, so it will be very tough, but we can do it!! We met the Stake President yesterday at church, and he told us we are going to have to work a lot different here in this ward. Oh yeah, I’m serving in a ward again!! 😀 But our main goal is to build up a relationship with the members. I also taught Gospel Principles and gave a talk my first Sunday here, and that was fun!! I just heard from Cork that Tom is back and was in the UK for an emergency. all is well 🙂 I’m so happy!! Well, That’s about it for this week. It was a busy week full of travel, so not much to update on for now. Hope you all have a great week!!

Happy Christmas!!
Elder Starr










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