Merry Christmas from Ireland!

Merry Christmas from Ireland!

I got moves call last night!! Arbroath (Dundee Area), Scotland!! I’m so excited!! Serving with Elder Grant, he also trained my MTC comp!! I’m so sad to leave Cork. I was born there!! haha! But I’m sooo happy to be in Scotland too!! It’s gunna be freezing but I’ll get used to it!! I can’t wait 😀 Lots of travel ahead though, I’m going across the mission!!
First off, Mosiah 4:6-12. Awesome.
So I had a fun day wednesday! Me and Elder Stewart went on an adventure. There was a missionary coming home from Australia to Cork, so there were no members to take us out to a joint teach far outside the city. So we took a bus there, and walked teh rest of the way, but to get back, we had to walk down this REALLY long, pitch black dark road that had no side walks with a lot of cars flying around corners. We walked in the middle of the street so we could see everything, and when cars would come we would be literal deer in headlights. Like we wouldn’t know which side to run to, and at one point me and Elder Stewart ran into eachother. hahahaha!!! and then we also got chased by a dog and ran the rest of the way. It was so fun! We were meeting with Ross and we had a great lesson with him as well. He’s set for January 4th!! I won’t be here for him, but that’s not what matters, as long as he enters into the covenant 😀
So we started doing P90x this week as well. We did plyos (legs, lots of jumping and stuff) and we were SOOO sore for the next few days!! it’s so worth it though, and fun! 😀
We went to a family’s house for dinner on Thursday, and their son Jared had just gotten home from his mission the day before. It was SOO weird to talk to a Return Missionary, but it was cool sharing stories and comparing stuff!! We loved it 🙂 then we were in town and had a bit of extra time on our dinner break, so we went through Cork’s Christmas celebration thingy that they have with Elves and everything. that was quite fun 😀
We had a miracle happen! A branch member got a call from France Saturday night from a return missionary who’s brother lived in Cork, and wanted to come to church. We got everything figured out, and the next morning Fred was at church! We met after and spoke. He already knows everything about the church is true, and he has a desire. Nex step is to be baptised! I think he will go for it 🙂 I love it when things like that happen!! The Lord truly blesses us if we keep working hard and staying obediant 🙂 We also had an AMAZING sacrament meeting yesterday! One member made a list of 7 things we can do to strengthen our trust in the Lord.
1. We need to know that He loves us. (John 3:16)
2. Know that He will turn all things for our good. (People of Limhi & 24 plates)
3. Know that God knows all things; Past, present, and future. (People of Limhi, and the Lord preparing people to save them)
4. Keep the Commandments with all our heart. (John 14:15)
5. We need to listen to the Holy Ghost as he helps us in our daily lives. (Brother of Jared & the Stones, it happens to everyone on a daily basis!!)
6. Recognize God’s hand in our life each day. (Job 1:21, the Lord will either give or take away, but it’s always for our good.)
7. Give thanks for all that He has given us. (D&C 59:21, Alma 37:37)
I’ll leave that with you all, hope you have a fantastic week and to remember the true Spirit of Christmas!!
“To feel the true Spirit of Christmas, all you need to do is drop the last syllable, and it becomes the Spirit of Christ.” -Pres. Monson
I love you all!
-Elder Starr

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