Wow. Time flies by!! Christmas will be my 5 month mark! It’s so weird to think about!!
So this week was fantastic. I started doing P90x, and I ate more than I ever have on thanksgiving. Good combination, right? 🙂
So I had my last district meeting in Tralee. Our District Leader, has been sick so they moved him closer to the mission home in case anything happens. He’ll be okay, but we sure will miss him. He was amazing and so much fun!!
So we met with a man named Glen who is convinced that Jesus was the last one to hold the Priesthood, and that there was no need for a restoration. I was a bit confused, but in my studies I found a nice story in Acts 8 to share with him 🙂 Also, we met with Vitaly, a Russian orthodox, who believes that we are unworthy to receive answers from God. Then we found John 14:26 and John 15:26 to share with him! That was good, and I could tell it got him thinking.
We also went and saw the part member family from Utah for thanksgiving. That was so fun!! 🙂
Sadly, Tom hasn’t been in contact with us. We aren’t sure what’s happened, but I think he may have gone to Scotland or something and left his phone here, cause he’s done that before. Prayers would be appreciated! I’m not too worried though because he does have such a strong testimony.
Ross came to church again! He’s still set for January 4! He said that he feels like There is a curtain in the way and just a shimmer of light is coming through, that he is trying to get to. And he knows that baptism will help with that! 🙂
Well, how are things back home for everyone?? Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hae a Happy Christmas!! I love the season 🙂 Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Starr



I ate too much...

I ate too much…

Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner!


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