Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Another fantastic week in Cork down!! We had a wonderful Zone Conference this week with the President and the AP’s and Sister Training Leaders, which is always nice, I learn a lot from them!! President Brown…I love the way he rebukes us. He does it sooo lovingly!! hahaha 🙂 Then From Limerick I went straight to Tralee and stayed there on a 2 day exchange! It was cool, and by cool I mean freezing. But I did get to drive for the first time!! It actually was not too bad!! I enjoyed it : The hardest part was driving a little car…everything is soooo small here!!
I listened to a wonderful talk this week. I know I give a lot of stuff to do and look up, but if you were to only do one thing I say, listen to this talk 🙂 It’s a talk given by Hugh B. Brown (I think he was an apostle) called “God is the Gardener” Elder Christofferson spoke about this talk, and a Mormon Message was made out of it, but the talk was so much better. It’s boring in the beginning, but the end is so useful and something I think everyone needs to understand. Look it up! “God is the Gardener” by Hugh B. Brown. I think it was actually a devotional given at BYU for one of their graduating classes a long time ago. Just do it. 🙂
So this week we have 4 progressing investigators!! and 3 of them accepted the baptismal invite!! Ross came to church yesterday which was great, and the member that was sitting in on the lesson felt impressed to offer him a blessing, so he did! So we gave ross a blessing, and honestly I’m not tooo sure how he felt about it, but he has a date set for Jan. 4!! and he talks about it like he’s going to go through with it, he just wants time to tell his family and stuff, sot hat’s fine. On saturday, somehow, we got 8 lessons!! That was a crazy day, and some really good things came outta it. So right now, we have Octavio, Ross, and Cyprian who are all working towards baptism, and there’s 3-4 more who I think will as well!! It’s really exciting 🙂
This week is thanksgiving!! And We have a half-american family, The walshes, who invted all 6 of us missionaries over on thanksgiving, and then tom invited all 6 of us Corkers over as well cause his fiancee lived in america for a while and likes to celebrate it!! So I’m eating gooooodddddd this week 😀 Speaking of Tom, he and his family ahd the flu yesterday…so we STILL haven’t met them!! but that’s okay. It will happen. ahhh
Well that’s all for this week, have a fantastic thanksgiving everyone! I’m so grateful for ALL of you!!
Elder Skylar Starr
First Frost

First Frost

Come visit us!

Come visit us!




Downtown Cork

Downtown Cork

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


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