Another Amazing week!!

So I had district meeting on Tuesday on Tralee, and we were taught on inviting people to be baptized and also asking for referrals. Those are the two things that I need to do more, so I’ve been working on them this week. I had a GREAT exchange with Elder Thomson, he’s our district leader. He’s only been a member for 4 years, and he’s british, but knows SOOO much!! he taught me a lot, and I feel like a MUCH better missionary because of what he taught me. He’s an amazing leader!!
So I had an excellent experience while on Exchanges with Elder Thomson I was really struggling to get an appointment set up so he could evaluate me for the eye of faith. We had 3 appointments scheduled, but they all fell through!! So I said a prayer, and asked for SOMEONE to teach in a lesson. When I ended that prayer, a name popped into my head. It was a man named Octavio. Octavio had a date at one point, and was the first person the Cork sisters ever taught here. After a month or so, they had to drop him because he let his emotions get in the way, and didn’t have a full understanding of why the sisters were teaching him, and then he was not really interested in being taught anymore. So when his name popped into my head, I thought “there’s no way he’ll want to meet” (O ye of little faith… 😛 ) but I gave him a ring anyways. He answered, said he had been thinking a lot about it, and we met with him. We were able to set a date for Dec. 7, and he is speedily progressing!! But anyways, I learned a lot about faith and following the promptings of the spirit. It was a great learning experience and I was humbled. We also set a date for another man named Ross, who was a media referral for Dec 14th. We taught him last night about baptism, and read 3 Nephi 11 with him. It’s amazing! When Jesus descends from the heavens, the people shout “Hosanna!” Hosanna means “Save us!” and so Jesus told them exactly how to be saved. Jesus came down, and the very first thing he said was how important baptism is. It’s amazing! We also have 3 progressing investigators, and got 2 new this week! Sadly, we lacked on the Joint teaches and people at church, which is something we’re working on. Also, we plan to do a lot more service for branch members to strengthen member relations, and so far it’s been great!
We also did some singning/caroling around town, and I tried a new thing that I heard from a member who served in Uruguay. It’s called “Virgin Mary finding”. Since we are in a very catholic country, we can ask people if we can share a message about the virgin mary with them. Normally, that’s more acceptable because they love her. So then you open up to 1 Nephi 11 and read the first 10 verses or so, which talk about how the Savior of the World will be born of a Virgin mother. Then, you take that chance to introduce the Book of Mormon! It’s fantastic! 😀 The first and only door I tried it on, we got a return appointment and she was very happy.
I had the opportunity yesterday to give Tom the Priesthood and ordain him to the office of Priest. That was a very cool experience, I will always remember that. Plus, Tom got called as a primary Teacher!! :)He is so awesome. Even our branch president said he will be amazing.
I listened to a talk this week called “The great Apostasy” by Hyrum Smith (no Joseph’s brother, different Hyrum.) It’s amazing, and actually a bit funny. It’s probably on Youtube, see if you can find it!! It’s only about 30 mins, I think it was a devotional given at Rick’s College (to give you an idea of how old it is).
One last thing…here’s a scripture to ponder this week: 2 Kings 2:23-24, Enjoy! 🙂
Elder Starr





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