It’s freezing!!!

Elder Starr

Elder Starr

It’s getting below 40 here now and it’s CRAZY cold!! I’m surviving though 🙂 Well, A LOT of success this week!!!
First off, we had 6 new investigators. We should have had 8, but we couldn’t get out to the other two. So we had 6, and we should get 4 more this coming week. Our teaching pool is bigger than ever! Plus we’ve been let into 3 houses in the past week. That NEVER happens out here. It’s only happened once before. I think Elder Stewart is a good luck charm or something!!
So we had Cyprian, Henry, Damien, Damien, Ross, and Fiona. Fiona..oh she’s funny. She’s this crazy 42 year old lady that says she’s clairevoyant. She talks SO much, but we had a great lesson with her and her son. She said she definetly felt the spirit (I hope she means the Holy Ghost) and it was a great lesson. She cried. we checked up on them the next day, and she said that the Book of Mormon is true and that she thinks she is supposed to be healing people with her “high priestess” stuff….sooo…..we’re not sure what to do, but we’ll keep teaching her and hopefully we’ll see a change. 🙂
Everyone else is great too, and we’ve got 2 more people we should see tonight and a few more throughout the week!
Oh! Ross! He was a church headquarters referral (put his info on and we FINALLY got into contact with him! We taught him, and it went well. He is diagnosed with schizophrenia, but from waht I can tell it’s minor. His question that he couldn’t understand was “Why do we need the full truth?” it’s an interesting thought, to be honest. Why do we need to have the full truth? What do you all think? I have my answer, but I’d love to hear all of your’s! 🙂
We went to Blarney castle again this morning cause Elder Stewart and Lattin have not been. There weren’t many peope there, but out of the 4 people we spoke to, all 4 were members. I’ve come to the conclusion that only members of the LDS church like to travel everywhere..hahaha! Not really, but it sure seems like it. It’s great to see members though!!
Our Branch Mission Leader got released. We’ve been having some troubles with him, and then all of a sudden he got realeased! So once again, we are without a mission leader…but that’s okay! 🙂
That’s all I have for this week. Things are going great here and are going to keep going great! I love the work I’m doing and I LOVE even more learning more about the gospel. I literally learn something new everyday!!
Oh, one more thing. We went to a Bible Study on Thursday with a man we met on the street. That was fun, but the ironic thing was that we studied Luke 10. Luke 10 talks all about the Quorum of the 70, missionary work, and going out 2 by 2. It was pretty ironic! But we were guests, so I didn’t feel like I should bring too much up about that. But it was pretty funny! Hope ya’ll have a great week!

Elder Skylar Starr

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