I’m staying in Cork!

Elder South, Tom, and Elder Starr

Elder South, Tom, and Elder Starr

First off, moves call came last night, and I’m staying in Cork! 😀 I am so happy!! Elder South is going to Dumbarton, Glasgow Zone, Scotland as district leader. My new companion will be Elder Stewart. I know nothing about him, but people say he’s pretty cool! I’ll meet him Wednesday!!
This week was great! Tom was baptized on Thursday, Oct. 24th and we are so happy for him!! Sadly his fiancee couldn’t make it because the kids got very sick :/ But he bore his testimony, and it’s probably one of the most amazing testimonies I’ve ever heard, and he has no problem sharing it with people! He is one of the reasons I wanted to stay here. Also, he had some bad fish Saturday night so he was violently ill on Sunday, so he wasn’t able to be confirmed this week :/ but We’ll take care of that this coming Sunday, and his family will be there 😀
Monday we carved pumpkins. They are terribly moldy by now, apparently if you wanna carve a pumpkin for halloween, it’s best to do it the day before!! haha! We also had dinner at a new family’;s house who just moved from Utah, and we brought Tom along! They shared with him about temples and he understands the need of them, and also why there is a waiting period for endowments. He is so perfect!!
For Tom’s baptism we got to sit at he church and boil water to put in the font cause the heater is broken… 😛 So we watched a TON of Mormon Messages during that time, they are so good!! Patterns of Light 1-3 are all great.
We also visited the Walsh’s again, which is always fun!
We also had a miracle, in my eyes! Just before we went to go visit the Wlash family, we were going to meet the member who was giving us a lift at our flat, but the way things worked out, we decided to meet at the church so we could print out some things to add to our area book. We saw a car drive up to the church, and we thought it was our ride, but then we realized it wasn’t his car. We didn’t recognize the man, and he was looking through the side door of the church, and then walked to the back of the church. He never saw us, so we walked over there and asked if we could help with anything. We actually caught him preparing to…uhh…”take a leak” in the back of the church! haha! He was actually quite embarrassed, but we told him not to worry about it, and he went into asking us questions about what we believe and he seems VERY promising! He was actually at the church to find the times of our services. We had a lesson on the phone with him as well yesterday, and he is currently reading the Book of Mormon, and said he will be at church next week!
What a fantastic week! And I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to stay in Cork this transfer. There is so much that we had planned, we had so many referrals this week, miracles, and Tom and his family. Things are picking up again and it’s great! Have a fantastic week everyone!!
Elder Starr


Elder South, Tom, and Elder Starr

Elder South, Tom, and Elder Starr

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