Awesome week!!!

The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel

This week was fantastic and transfers is coming and I wanna stay in Cork SOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!! I have some great news, but before I get started, any letters or anything that you wanna send after tomorrow (Tuesday) please send to the mission home cause I may not get them next week if you send them to Cork.

Elder Skylar Starr
51 Spylaw Road
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH10 5BP
United Kingdom

I think that’s the address, not sure though 🙂 This is just till next week, I’ll give you an update next monday on if I’m staying in Cork, or moving. I found out on Sunday and it’s nerve racking! It’s hard to think this will happen 15 more times in my mission 😛

So on Monday, we went to a Less-Active family’s house for family home evening. They invited all 6 Cork missionaries over for it, so we went over there and made sushi!!! It was so good! I’ve never had Smoked Salmon before, now I’m in love with it. But we made legit sushi the japanese way and it was fun! But it was cooked, I’m not eating raw fish 😛

Tuesday we had a long day of travel…There was a protest in the morning and the Bus depot, so we couldn’t catch our bus to Limerick and we had to take a train. Which was faster, same price, but we couldn’t sleep on it like we do on the bus :/ So I still haven’t caught up on my sleep from waking up at 5am so I’m a bit tired!  But we had Zone meeting and Interviews with the President. I love Pres. Brown so much!! Then we got trained on Family History. The church is trying something new in our mission with family history (not exactly sure what yet…) and apparently we are the first mission to try it out. So they are really pushing Family History in our area and we had some specialists from England come and train us! Thursday we double-booked dinner appointments, so we went on splits with the other Elders and basically blitzed the Cork West area. Me and Elder Lattin (the 18-year old, californian, tallish Justin Bieber-looking kid) went up to a place called Cashel and visited the Part-member family Danny and Jayme. Jayme is from Grantsville, Utah (don’t I have family there or something??) and he is Irish! We visited the family at their newly-opened cake shop which was right next to the Rock of Cashel! I dunno if you guys have heard about it, but there’s some story behind the rock and the castle that’s built on top of it, so we ran up and got pictures 🙂 We taught the Plan of Salvation and are working with her 9 year old boy, because she would like him to be baptized but we do have to teach the discussions and make sure he’s ready. Elder South and Elder Allen met with Tom, finished all the lessons needed for baptism, and then had dinner with Tom and the Roy’s! It went great.

On to the exciting news! First, we had Limerick District (Stake) Conference this week in Cork. I participated in an A Capella Quintet with Elder South and the Zone Leaders and their trainee, which was really good. We sang hymn 41-Let Zion in her Beauty Rise. I did Melody. I thought it was really good, and when we were walking back down to our seats, Sister Brown (Mission President’s wife) looked at us and said “Wow!” I enjoyed that.:) I recorded it, I think I’ll upload it, but remember, it’s not a professional recording 😛 Elder Black is an amazing bass and he may have overpowered us a bit haha! We heard from all of the Mission Presidency and their wives, and also the district Presidency and some of the area branch presidents. One thing that stuck with me was from District President Murphy who said that the Lord has an army of 85,000 missionaries, which is amazing, but he also has and army of 15 million members. A lot of time missionary work is left up to missionaries, but it is also the responsibilities of members. President Brown shared D&C 6:33-37 which as an amazing, comforting passage of scripture. So, me and Elder South were worried because we did not see Tom at conference, and he had to be there to qualify for his baptism on Thursday. I decided to say a quick prayer, and I turned right around after I was done praying, and Tom was just walking in. I dunno if it was coincidence or answer to my prayer, but either way it was a testimony building experience. I waved him to come sit with us, and he did, and he very much enjoyed conference and spoke to President Brown after!! Then Tom had his baptismal interview done by a Zone Leader, Elder Walker, and he is set for his date this Thursday!! We changed his date to Oct. 24th, Thursday, cause that fit his family’s schedule the best. He was so excited and happy!! Onto the really good news! He told us that he spoke to his fiancee, and found out that she has met with missionaries before and went to church in Atlanta a couple times, and that she has never  felt more welcome at any other church (which just goes to show that EVERY member has an impact on people’s thoughts and feelings about the church, and that no effort goes unnoticed!), so she agreed to meet us! And there’s MORE! They spoke about getting married, and decided to have our Branch President, Pres. Roy perform the marriage in our chapel. This is so exciting and THIS is the reason I don’t want to leave Cork!! I just wanna stay here for the rest of my mission and help Tom go through the temple and teach his family and everything!! But it’s okay, this stuff happens and I’ll find out this Sunday 🙂 Have a great week everyone! Pray for us that all will go smoothly with Tom’s baptism, and pray for missionary experience as well:)


Elder Starr

 The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel



The Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel

2 responses to “Awesome week!!!

  1. Hi Elder Starr,
    My name is Bill Close, and Cork was my first area in 1988-1989. I served there for 2 months and do not remember a lot of names. But I was at the 25th Mesa High Class Reunion this weekend, and we talked about you and Sister Moore who is in Belfast. Sister Moore’s uncle also served in Cork as well. And we are all following your blog.
    It is wonderful that you are having great success there! As former missionaries that served there, we are proud of your work. And look forward to here about Tom’s Baptism. Do sweet transfers. The Lord will put you where you are needed!

    Best Wishes,
    Bill Close

    • Bill, thanks for your comments and words of encouragement. I’ll make sure that Elder Starr receives them. We have another friend, Jim Bell, who served in Ireland as well. I’m not sure when he served there, I think it was around the time you were there, but thought you might know him.


      Brent Starr (Elder Starr’s Dad)
      Mesa High 86

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