Conference Weekend!!


Wasn’t conference fantastic?? I bought a Notebook for conference that I will put all my notes in for my whole mission. It will be cool to look back on! Well, there’s 80,333 missionaries, and it’s awesome to be one of them! We had our investigator Tom show up to 3 sessions! Speaking of Tom, he’s gunna be baptized on Oct. 26th 😀 😀 he’s british, so obviously his only concern is Tea…..but we know he can do it 🙂 we’re so happy for him cause he is making all the right decisions! He loved Pres. Uchtdorf’s first talk on Saturday morning, it helped him as an investigator feel welcomed. Here’s my other favorite talks:

Bishop Gerald Causee-Preisthood Session (unity in the church)
Pres Uchtdorf-PreisthoodSession (getting back on track)
Elder Christofferson- Saturday afternoon (women)
Elder S. Gifford Nielson- Saturday afternoon!!!!!! (get it?)
Elder Holland- Saturday afternoon (mental health)
Elder Ballard-Saturday Afternoon (missionary work)
Pres. Eyring-Sunday Mrning (becoming one if marriage)
Pres. Monson-sunday morning (enduring through trials)

Sadly, we haven’t watched sunday evening yet, but we will this week! 😀
Sunday morning was amazing. I loved Master, the Tempest is Raging, and O Dive Redeemer from MoTab…and the fact that Pres. Monson says it is one of the best sessions he has ever attended must mean something!! 🙂
Sorry, I’m in Waterford right now cause Elder South has a baptismal interview to do tonight, and the keyboard is horrible. Oh, and for some reason the computer doesn’t recognize my camera when I plug it in, so no pictures for this week! I’ll uploard them all next week when I get back to cork.
So there is an LDS choir coming from St. George this week and performing just down the road from us at St. Finbarr’s! We’re going to try really hard to go and bring investigators, but we’re not for sure yet. We can’t figure out what time it’s at!!
So not much happened this week, Tom is set for Oct. 26th!! and I had something cool happen, I taught a lesson on the phone to a less active lady! she said I had a nice motivating voice and that it has made her want to come back to church this week! So hopefully we’ll see her then 🙂 She’s just having problems with her husband, and that’s why she hasn’t been coming. We did street boarding again which was AWESOME! Me and Elder South got into a discussion with a bible-basher/born-again pastor from Massachusetts. That was fun, but we stayed calm! The only problem was he wouldn’t let us talk, and he was saying everything that we do believe but claiming we don’t believe it. Oh well! We see him often, so we just gotta stay away from him. So….Me, Elder South, and Elder Lattin did something kinda stupid. We got bored during lunch, and decided to play a game! We had 3 coins, and someone had to call heads or tails, and if they called it right, and ALL 3 landed on what they called (the chance of that is 6%, it happened WAY more than it should have!) then you got to slap someone, as hard as you could! hahahaha so it was really fun!

Well, the numbers weren’t that good this week, but miracles are happening and it’s great! Talk to you all next week!

Elder Starr



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