Cork is going grand, like!

Cork is going grand, like!
I had a really cool personal study on Tuesday about the meaning of the Atonement. There is a talk given at BYU (i think) a long time ago called “The Meaning of the Atonement” by Dr. C. Skousen, and it is SO GOOD! But it goes pretty deep as well, so it can get confusing. But in the talk, he gave about 20-30 scripture references for us to look up and study, so on Tuesday I chose to do that. I learned SO much about the Atonement, why it was necessary, and different things like that. My favorite scripture from that was Alma 34:8-16. I read it like 5 times and wrote notes and everything. It all makes so much more sense now!!
So on tuesday, we met with Tom. He is our investigator who is engaged to be married, has a 6 mo. old baby girl, and his fiance also has 2 other children. They all live together, but Tom is SO committed to be baptized, that he wants to move out until they are married. That’s almost unheard of and shows A LOT of commitment!!! I love Tom so much, he is such a funny guy and fun to talk to as well! He’s in his 30’s I think, and he and his family(we’ll work on the family as well) will be SO good for the branch.
I also read in Alma 47 the story of Lehonti. It’s a great visual and is a great example of how satan can tempt us, starting with the little things.
On Saturday we had the oppurtunity to attend a Baptism for the other Cork Elders! Her name is Florence, and was a very prepared woman. They met her on the street, and she has been to church every single sunday and is so great. She’s from the Ivory Coast and is 42, and she was so prepared. It was a great service!!
If you guys get the chance, watch these 2 Mormon Message videos, they are amazing, and so many people were crying when we watched them at the baptism. We really felt the spirit during them:
-The Will of God
-Good Things to Come
They are amazing!
On Saturday we went street boarding, and I spoke to a guy for a whole hour, by myself, on the street! We had a good discussion. He knew his bible very well, and also was convinced that I was a prophet. I told him that our definitions of a prophet are a bit different, but he wouldn’t give up. But that’s okay, I’m sure we’ll see him again. oh and we met with another investigator named Franklin, he’s such a nice man, and he also invited his flatmate, Ruben, to join in on the discussion, it was really good, and then they both came to church on sunday!! We’ve had an investigator as a companionship at church for the past 4 weeks, which is really good! We didn’t have the chance to teach them after, but we are seeing them Tuesday.
We also had a branch cultural activity, because there are many different cultures here. So everyone brought food from their home country, and me and Elder South made Hawaiian Haystacks! We found all the ingredients, accept the noodle things, which are the best part!! 😦
Well, writing this email makes me feel a lot better. This week felt slow and felt like not much happened, but after writing it down, a lot did happen! Well, time to go. Until next week,
Elder Skylar Starr





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