Hello Again!

Preaching on the street

Preaching on the street

This week wasn’t nearly as successful, appointments got cancelled, people were busy with school, etc. But that just happens and it’s okay!
So on monday we met with Tom. Oh I love Tom. He is the one that wants to be baptized, cause he knows the church is true, but he has to get married first. He is so funny!! So he started this new job where he is basically the big boss guy. He was given this office building that he has to fill with people and desks and all that fun other office stuff, and he was just joking around about he has no idea what to do, and he’s still a little kid at heart. He would say stuff like “How do I make the office fun? Do I put a trampoline in the office? Do I put koolaid in the sprinklers? I don’t know what to do! Can I have a throne? Or baloons with my face on them? Will the office be sad if we don’t have an office birthday?” hahaha it was just so funny and he had us laughing for about 30 mins straight. But, everything is funnier on a mission, so this might just sound boring to you guys.
I listened to a talk by Pres. Uchtdorf entitled “You Matter to Him” from Oct. 2011. It was a GREAT talk, I’d reccomend it!!
This week we also had to visit a Part member family who live about 1.5 hours away from the church. She is a member from Utah (shocking!), and he’s not, they are married and have 4 kids. It’s nice to talk to americans sometimes!!! But she made us yummy Navajo tacos!! and we had a good lesson with them. She really wants to get back to church, and also wants her 9 year old son to be baptized. It was kinda funny because the kids would say “school prayers” which are the catholic cross your heart thing, because everyone here is forced to learn that stuff as a child in school. It’s sad! But she wants to come back! To get there, we took a BEAUTIFUL drive up through County Tiperary, I finally got to see the real Ireland. Wow it’s amazing!! part of it actually reminded me of Snowflake or Flagstaff area! but it was amazing. The pictures of it That I took weren’t too good, but I promise it;’s much better in person.
On Friday we did an exchange cause Elder South had to interview someone in Waterford for baptism, so I was with Elder Edwards who was from…wait for it……Utah. but he was a swimmer! and he actually kinda looked like Zach Bishop from the corner of my eye, so I REALLY got confused a couple of times. But we did service for Brenda (LA) again, and we got to harvest potatoes! That was fun. I also found some garlic in the ground :O
Then on Friday night we got to meet with another Partmember family, they’re married, she’s from Utah (bet you couldn’t have guessed that…) and he’s from Ireland. They are young and both work at Apple (Apple employs TONS of people here!) but they are so funny! I don’t think she really wants to come back to church though…but we’ll keep visiting them. She made us Chicken Enchiladas and they were SOOO good!!! (Sorry I never ate yours mom, I should have)
Oh good news! Both Part-member Part-American families invited us over for Thanksgiving. If I’m still here, we may have 2 thanksgiving dinners with 2 of my favorite families 🙂 Well that’s really all for this week…I got to sit on a bus for 5 hours to go pick up elder south in waterford and then come right back, that was fun 😛 The week was slow and our numbers weren’t the best, so I’m sure they’ll be better this week 🙂 Gotta go!!

Elder Skylar Starr

Irish countryside

Irish countryside

Can't stop tracking...

Can’t stop tracking…

Skylar has been cloned...

Skylar has been cloned…

Preaching on the street

Preaching on the street

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