Amazing Week!!

In front of the church in Cork, Ireland

In front of the church in Cork, Ireland

Well I am DONE with my first moves!! It’s gone by crazy fast. I’ve already been out for one transfer! Moves call was last night, I’m staying with Elder South (I’m still in training) but Elder Brown is moving up to Bray to be district Leader, and Elder Allen will be training. this was our most successful week so far, 6 Joint teaches and 19 total lessons! That’s really good considering we had about 4.5 out of 7 days to work with cause over Elder south’s toe surgery, doctor visits, traveling to limerick, etc. We can do way better!!
To start off, Tom. Tom had been searching for our church building, got lost, saw the sisters on the side if the road (also just “happened” to get lost, coincidence? I think not!) pulled over, asked them for help, and the sisters referred him to us. We met with him on Monday and Thursday and Friday. Hee’s had previous contact with the missionaries, and keeps bumping into missionaries the past 12 years, he recognizes that as a sign. He knows the Book of Mormon is true, and Thursday night we asked him to be baptized. he said he would pray for an answer, and Friday afternoon he called us and said he wanted to be baptized. He randomly opened up to Mosiah 3 the night before, it talked about the spirit, and he took that as his answer. He’ll be married in the next few months, and then baptized 🙂 He’s amazing and such a strong guy!!
so I dunno if you guys saw that picture a few weeks ago, but I cut my own hair. I didn’t do too bad! 🙂 So this week I was kissed by a guy on the forehead and also told by a drunk guy that I had a very nice set of teeth:) I also found a doorbell the “neighed” (the horse sound) when you rang it, and another house decorated with american flags and the doorbell was the star spangled banner!! but neither of those houses answered :/
haha so I thought this was funny, a YSA kid here said he could see me being the doctor that all the big-headed doctors turn to for advice. that reminds me of something we learned in church yesterday! Even the best Physician out there needs a doctor for his person needs. That person for us is the Savior and with his atonement he is like that otehr person we can turn to when there is no one else.
So I love seeing how the spirit works in small ways. We had a time where we were talking to a man we see on the street a lot just to answer his questions, and we were led to leave him at the perfect time for this college student to see us and walk up to us and ask what we believed in. We’re meeting him later today again! but then we left chase JUST in time for us to see an old potential we had. last time we saw him he said, in his own words, “If this is what God wants for me, then we will meet again.” and….we met him again!! So we got his phone number, hopefully something will come of it 🙂
Yesterday we found a seizing guy in a park who was having an epileptic fit. Other people were around him, but the ambulance took FOREVER to get there. When the got there, they just casually walked up to him like nothing was wrong. It was ridiculous! But he bit through his tongue, but ended up waking up really confused and eventually he came back to reality and was okay.
Great things are happening. It’s really exciting!!
I’ll have more next week :
I love you all!
-Elder Skylar Starr

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