I’m not illegal anymore!

Train Station in Mallow

Train Station in Mallow

The reason I say that is cause I finally got my Garda Card this morning, so I’m finally allowed to be in the country. haha! So this week was really good. We had a Zone conference in Limerick with President Brown and the Assistants, it was really good and really motivated all of us. We also got a new Ward Mission Leader who is Amazing!! he’s helping getting us motivated, and we decided to fast this week to decide on one Part member family to bring back to church. Then all the companionship’s thought of a family each, so we are focusing on them. Things are looking up! Oh! he also told us to Black out everything on our map with a marker, except the streets, and after you do that it won’t look as intimidating to us! it’s looking really good. I got Kebabtized this week! It’s a joke that goes around the mission, and every new missionary has that. once they get in the field, their first kebab is their kebabtism. that was fun and it was HUGE! So a funny experience, we were teaching a lesson on the street, and some teenagers ran up and wanted a picture with us. They were really nice and respectful, but it turns out there were going to meet with the musical director of the Book of Mormon musical…We explained to them that it wasn’t true and it’s just comedy, and they understood, but i thought that was funny 🙂 So I’m happy I don’t have a car here. The streets are so small and the traffic is horrible!
So I had a cool experience. We were walking down the road, and I felt like I should turn down a side street that had almost no one on it. So I followed that prompting, and then I noticed this lady kinda slowing down in front of us, then crossing the street. So I decided to follow her, and then I spoke to her. turns out she’s been living in Cork for 12 years, from the phillipines, and she was baptised as a child! She misses the church and her family is still active, so We’ll work on bringing her back 🙂
Oh can you put my mission call opening on youtube? A guy in my branch wants to see it. Just Title it Elder Starr mission call opening Scotland/Ireland or something like that. Oh and can you send me my 16gb flash drive in a padded envelope? I wanna get some talks and church music from some of the missionaries here! And I would LOVE to have my Creole Seasoning, but that might be a bit heavy for the mail…either way it’s fine! So I found a talk from my MTC President that was given in 2006 or 2007 general conference. It’s called “That they might know thee” but Elder Keith R Edwards of the Seventy. He was the President of the MTC and is a great man! So Yvonne, the lady from the last letter. We had a lesson this week on the Plan of Salvation, and we had another set for Saturday night, and she was supposed to come to church this week, but she wasn’t at her house and isn’t answering calls, so i dunno what happened with her. But we’ll keep trying! Martin, he’s only 21 and has a really strong desire to learn more and be baptized, but is struggling with keeping commitments. He promised to be at church the past 2 weeks, but hasn’t been to either. He understands that being baptized will cleanse him and is like a fresh start, but he just isn’t keeping commitments. We did set a date for him though! Sept. 28th, but since he missed this sunday, he will have to go to church the next three sundays, and quit smoking and drinking by then. It’ll be tough but i know he can do it!
We also met a nice indian family. the wife believes in God, but her husband is struggling with faith. they want to have that faith as a family, which is what we can help them do! So my time is almost up, i’m going fishing today in a place called Cobh (cove)!
till next week!

Love, Elder Skylar Starr
The "Kebabtism"

The “Kebabtism”

Enjoying Gelato

What a great picture...

St. Finbarr's Cathedral

St. Finbarr’s Cathedral

Skylar visiting St. Finbarr's Cathedral on P-day with his missionary tag on, wearing a "Sun Devils"  sweatshirt.

Skylar visiting St. Finbarr’s Cathedral on P-day with his missionary tag on, wearing a “Sun Devils” sweatshirt.

Skylar's Companion at the Mallow train station

Skylar’s Companion at the Mallow train station

Train Station in Mallow

Train Station in Mallow

Following the rules????

Following the rules????

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