Hello Everyone!!!

Irish Fields

Irish Fields with Rainbow

This week has been a little long, a lot of settling in. I’m really getting used to the area though and getting to know the members better! There aren’t many around here, so it’s easy to meet everyone. The accent here isn’t too bad, but there are a lot of foreign people and those are the ones we have the most trouble with. I’m sorry i forgot about my favorite scripture!! I’ll have to think about it, is it okay if i get it to you next week? I haven’t tried any weird foods yet, we’ve had one dinner apt. with the ward mission leader (who was just made 2nd counselor in the branch presideny) he’s from nigeria, and they fed us rice and chicken! it was good cause i miss my chicken. we’ve made a lot of meals and stuff for ourselves, and gone out to eat once. saving money! That’s exciting that the girls made the nutcracker, even though they aren’t doing it! and Emma what’s that twisty thing you said you’re practicing? I don’t know dance stuff! Sophie thanks for getting the name tag! Dad how are the diamondbacks doing? oh and is there any interesting news?

So Elder Allen from my flat is watching this video on vimeo.com about the phoenix arizona temple. it’s a video made by David Nuttal, who does the school news at Higley! isn’t that cool?? it looks amazing!!
So this week I participated in my first blessing. This old lonely mand in our branch is going through some serious anxiety about nothing and he really needed some help, so the Pres. Roy drove us an hour over there to help him. Pres Roy is amazing and does so much for this branch! he’s from South africa but has lived here for a long time!

Some of the things I would love to have in a package is my creole seasoning, and it’s really windy here so i would appreciate a tie clip 🙂 oh! I mended my pants cause i ripped them playing volleyball! and i sewed a button back on my jacket. I did it!! haha! We haven’t had any special projects yet, but we’re working on doing some singing at a nursing home, and we also work at a soup kitchen every friday during lunch. I would love a fill in the blank letter if you wanted to do that! I miss home a lot, but i’m getting used to it, and I know things will fly by. I’m happy to hear Malloree and Elise got my letters! Could you send me malloree’s email address? or anyone else that would like my weekly emails?
So something interesting about Cork, it is the last place that the Titanic rested for the night before it hit an iceberg and sunk. They have an exhibit going on soon here i think! Today we’re going to visit some sites and cathedrals, sept. 9th we’ll be going to blarney castle and i might kiss the blarney stone! I thought that’d be weird though cause lots of people do it…if you don’t know what the blarney stone is, look it up:)
So we did lots of knocking on doors this week, we found this one area we like. We met a Lithuanian man who said he would read the Book of Mormon if we get one for him in Lithuanian. We told him it’d be a couple weeks before we could get it, but then we went to our flat and we had one there! So now we just need to get in contact with him. We met a Hindu man who was really nice and let us in his house yesterday cause it was raining. he said “I can offer you so coffee or tea!” and we just said no thank you. He didn’t wanna talk about religion, but it was nice to talk to him and we’ll probably go back. We’ve been focusing on less-actives a lot as well because the district needs 23 more melchezidek preisthood holders to become a stake, and a lot of the less actives aren’t ordained. Sunday was a big turn around, we had about 60 people there, lots were visitors, but we also had 6 less actives, and 3 investigators. They said it’s been the best week so far! as an area we have 2 people with baptisimal dates, sadly none of them were taught by me and elder south, but numbers don’t matter, it’s our area’s baptism which is great! we have a lesson set up for tonight and we’re inviting this girl to be baptized! it’s really funny how we came into contact with her because Elder South was doing a sort of “mission prep” lesson for this 17 year old boy named Freidrich. Elder south and his last companion told him to get someone to play in role play situations, so he brought his friend Samantha. She was there to just act, but she eventually became interested, and tonight we’re inviting here to be baptized! So I went on an exchange on saturday with Elder Allen, we had 2 appointments planned, both got cancelled but one of them came to church and is planning on being baptized! And since my companion is District Leader, I have 3 more exchanges set up for this week, and probably 3 the next week with the Zone leaders! I’m excited but one of them I’ll be going to another city called Waterford. We also commited a less active man to come to church, it was pretty cool cause that was our plan going in, but he realized it for himself without us sharing anything! We walked in and he asked if he could read a cool chapter, it was Alma 26. it was a great lesson! speaking of scriptures, i’m really loving reading and I read the Book of Mormon and the Bible everyday, you guys should too! We watched the Work of Salvation broadcast yesterday (the video about the ipads for missionaries) during church, it was really good and hopefully the branch realized the role they play in missionary work! So i’m exhausted here, i fall asleep almost every time we get on the bus, which is a lot. I’m hopefully gunna get used to it soon!
Well that’s all I have for this week, feel free to send me anything or to request me to send something! I bought some irish socks, i think i’m gunna buy socks for every area i serve in. Feel free to ask me anything as well! Till next week!
Elder Skylar McCray Starr



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